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I absolutely love castles! This is not something you think about when traveling to Greece but its a great gem

nothing much is left.like most " castles " on Rhodes just a pile of stones.
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nothing much is left.like most " castles " on Rhodes just a pile of stones.
that's sad to hear....do you still recommend visiting?
look on Youtube & you decide.
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Here are a few additional resources to look at with the Monolithos Castle in Rhodes:

There are so many neat looking castles throughout Europe. Many of my favorites came from the Venetians. This looks like a gem that is worth a visit in Rhodes!

Are there festivals in the summer in Rhodes?

I’m planning a trip to Rhodes, Greece, and I've heard that the island is not just about stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but it’s also rich in culture and offers a variety of festivals throughout the year. I’m really excited about the possibility of aligning my visit with one of these cultural events!

Can anyone share recommendations for festivals in Rhodes? I’m interested in anything from traditional Greek celebrations to music, art, and food festivals. Anything that will allow me to soak in the local culture and make my trip even more memorable.

I usually just "see the sites" when I am in Greece. This is my second time on Rhodes, so now I am looking for something different to do.

Any Good Nightlife in Rhodes?

I am researching the possibility of going to Rhodes but there is someone in our party who likes nightlife. Can anyone share recommendations on the best places to go for a fun night out? I'm interested in a mix of experiences, from vibrant clubs to cozy bars. What are the must-visit spots for dancing, enjoying live music, or just having a relaxing drink with a great view?

Additionally, are there any particular areas in Rhodes known for their nightlife that I should check out? I'm also curious about any local customs or tips for enjoying the nightlife scene safely and respectfully.

I'd love to hear about any hidden gems or popular favorites that shouldn't be missed. Looking forward to your suggestions and any personal experiences you can share!

Nightlife in Rhodes - Faliraki

I have some friends who went to Rhodes last year and they said they observed that Faliraki has some good nightlife. Is this true?

Could anyone share some insider tips or personal experiences about the best spots to enjoy the evening?

Specifically, I’m looking for:
  • Clubs that have a great atmosphere and awesome music.
  • Bars or pubs where I can meet new people and have some good conversation.
  • Any places known for live music or unique entertainment.
I will only be there for a few days and I might only have a night to spend doing that kind of thing before I move on to another part of Greece. Trying to see a lot this time.


Best Romantic Spots in Rhodes?

My partner and I are planning a trip to Rhodes, Greece, and I'm looking for some advice on the best romantic spots to visit. We want to make this trip extra special and memorable, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

To give you an idea, we're interested in places that offer stunning views, intimate dining experiences, and any hidden gems that locals or frequent visitors might know about. Whether it's a secluded beach, a charming restaurant, or a picturesque sunset spot, we'd love to hear all your recommendations.

Large Venomous Jellyfish Spotted off Greece's Rhodes -

Share and discuss your Rhodes photos, questions and experiences!

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