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Cypriot art is a strong and important part of Greek culture, that unfortunately many people forget about. Whether or not that you believe Cyprus should or shouldn't be a part of Greece, the beauty of Cypriot culture and art is undeniable. You can see a lot of Cypriot Art at the museum in Athens which showcases about 1,000 paintings and sculptures from Ancient Greece to modern day.
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What town would you recommend to visit to learn more about Cypriot art? I dream to visit Athens but I would also like to travell round Cyprus. May be you can recommend any places:)


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Are there any artifacts from Mycenaean Greece there? I’ve heard we still cannot read their language because it hasn’t been deciphered, and that’s why this civilization is that mysterious.
I’m interested in Ancient World art and its influence over modern art, and I am doing research on the topic. It’s really interesting to notice similar motifs and notice how often they are repeated in different cultures. You might find similarities between, for instance, Persian Calligraphy and, say, Ancient Greek art, and I just cannot wrap my head around it.
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Spending Greek Easter in Athens?

I am not sure I have enough time to plan this for 2023, but I might if I start taking action. I am contemplating spending Greek Easter in Athens or the surrounding area. I have heard stories of people doing so, and I am curious about it. I want to go either this year or next. What do Greeks do typically for Easter? Is it possible to go to a monastery, or something? I know Easter is just in a few weeks... What do you guys think?
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