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The folklore museum is one of the best ways to get to know the culture and heritage of Mykonos. Personally I find it very important to get to know the culture of the places that you visit, it provides really great context to your present day visit of Mykonos and you will start to notice the remnants of the history in the present day architecture, music and food all across the island. This museum is located near the neighborhood of Kastro in Chora.
I have heard great things about it but have never been. Sounds interesting, I will make it a point to go next time!

Going to Delos from Mykonos?

Delos looks fascinating and I will be in Mykonos this summer. Is it realistic to do this as a day trip from Mykonos?

Has anyone done this before? I'd love to hear your recommendations and tips! How long is the boat ride, and are there specific tour operators you recommend?

What are the must-see spots on Delos, and how much time should I allocate to explore the island thoroughly?

I recall it's possible to take a Ferry from Mykonos to Delos but I am not sure the details. I saw a sign for it last time I was there.

Advice for an extended stay in Mykonos

I plan to be on Mykonos for about a month over the summer and I honestly feel like I am a bit late to the party securing a rental for that long. I am not seeing much on airbnb.

That could change as more properties become available... I don't know.

Am I missing something? Are there other networks that people use when going to Mykonos that I maybe haven't thought of? I don't want to move mid trip but I guess I could. Like do a week here and there. It could give me a chance to see different things on the island.

Question about Mykonos galleries

I'm planning a trip to the enchanting island of Mykonos very soon and, being an avid admirer of art, I'm eager to explore the local art scene. Mykonos, with its mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant culture, is said to host some exceptional galleries. I'm reaching out to this knowledgeable community for personal recommendations on the best galleries to visit during my stay.

I have a deep appreciation for both contemporary pieces and classical art, so any suggestions that cover a wide range of artistic expressions would be hugely appreciated. Additionally, if there are specific artists or exhibitions that you think are a must-see, I would love to hear about those as well.

Lastly, if there are any hidden gems or lesser-known galleries that you've stumbled upon and found to be utterly captivating, please do share! I'm all for discovering off-the-beaten-path spots that add a unique touch to the travel experience.

Finding Luxury Accommodations in Mykonos?

I am looking for recommendations on luxury accommodations. I'm interested in staying somewhere with stunning views, excellent service, and top-notch amenities. Ideally, I'd like a hotel or villa that's close to the main attractions but still offers some privacy and relaxation. Any specific hotels or areas you would suggest? Additionally, are there any booking tips or websites that offer great deals on luxury stays in Mykonos? Your advice and personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

This trip is not for this year, it's for next year. I thought maybe I would try going this year, but I don't think I have enough time to find something I'll really like.

Nightlife question about Mykonos

I have seen footage of fun-looking club atmospheres on Mykonos. I went last year and couldn't find those parties! I want to try again the next time I am in Greece, probably in September.

I’d love to find places that strike a balance between great music (preferably a mix of international and local beats), a lively but not overly crowded atmosphere, and of course, stunning settings that scream ‘Mykonos’!

Does anyone have personal favorites or hidden gems they'd be willing to share?

Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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