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Emporio village is only about 12 kilometers from Fira and it is incredibly close to the village of Perissa. I would recommend hiring a taxi or taking public transportation to get to the village.



This looks interesting! In Santorini I've only been to the main places of Fira and Oia. What is there to see here?

Ifestia Festival 2021 in Santorini is the festival of fireworks

I just found out about this festival!! It sounds so cool, I wish I was visiting in September. Have any of you been?

13 Santorini restaurants were featured on this traveling list!

I'm so happy to see that big magazines are featuring Santorini!! Would you visit any of these places? Selene and To Psariki are my favourite

Kamari open air cinema in Santorini is amazing

How long is too long to stay in Santorini?

I think so many people forget that Santorini is such a small island. I would love to stay there forever, but I know that it may not take longer than a few days to check out the whole island. Do you think that nine days is too long to stay there? Do you recommend that I visit another island during those extra few days?

Is Santorini difficult to navigate for seniors?

My mom really wants to visit Santorini but she has difficulty getting around. Will Santorini be to exhausting for her? If so, are there any places that you can recommend in Greece that are friendly to seniors or people with mobility issues? Thanks :)
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