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This church is a must see when you're visiting!! The exterior of the church is made of brick only, which was likely expensive and why the church is known as the Red Church. Inside the main church are scenes of the Nativity, Adoration of the Magi, Pentecost, and Hypapante. These wall paintings are considered very important.

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Church of Hosios David (Thessaloniki) has some of the best icons

Is Thessaloniki an expensive city?

I live in Athens and I love the city life but I've but wanting to see what the other great city in Greece has to offer. But as always I'm travelling on a budget. So it Thessaloniki expensive? And are there any tips for making it more affordable?

What types of things can I see at the Ataturk museum in Thessaloniki?

Does anyone know what type of artifacts are on display at the Ataturk museum? My friend from Thessaloniki said that I have to visit

ataturk museum.jpeg

Where can I find live music in Thessaloniki?

I love concerts, street musicians and live music in restaurants and bars, especially in Greece. There is nothing more beautiful than bouzouki and klarino. Are there any spots that you know of Thessaloniki?

Is Thessaloniki just as quiet as Athens in August?

I saw another user posting that people shouldn't visit Athens during August because all of the locals are away on vacation and a lot of the businesses are closed. Does this apply for Thessaloniki as well?


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