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In my research about the island of Rhodes, I have spent a lot of time learning about the Knights of Saint John and their influence on the island. Then I realized that there's an ancient history here, too.

Has anyone visited the Lindos Acropolis? Do you think I should take a tour or can I learn about it on my own?

I plan to visit next September - do I need to book things in advance? From what I understand the island gets pretty hot, so I was hoping some of the heat would mitigated in September.


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you can climb up to the acropolis without the need of a guide.be warned the climb is on worn stone steps & part way there is no hand rail.Lindos in september will be very crowded.Buses will be packed & you could be standing for the entire journey of about 90 mins. It will be 30 C plus in september.


I remember going in August several years ago and it was hot and crowded. Rhodes seemed hotter than everywhere else I went during the trip! Sounds like September is hot and crowded, too. Once you start climbing the Acropolis in Lindos the crowd thins out as you get to the top. All fitness levels can do it. Just take it slow and wear good shoes.

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Visiting the Lindos Acropolis is a must-see for anyone interested in history and ancient architecture. The Acropolis is located in the village of Lindos on the island of Rhodes in Greece and features well-preserved ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena, as well as a fortress built by the Knights of Saint John. The views from the top of the acropolis are also stunning, offering a panoramic view of the village and the Aegean Sea. It is a unique experience to walk through the ancient city and imagine how it was in the past.

Traveling to Rhodes for the First Time?

I am researching potential places to visit in Greece. Rhodes is on the list because someone told me it was a great place to go to imagine the times when the Greek mythological stories were a prevalent part of the culture (Mandraki Harbor). I was thinking of spending a bit of time there. Do you have any recommendations on what else I should do while there? Some possibilities:
  • Explore the ruins from the Knights of Saint John
  • Acropolis at Lindos
  • Beaches - Faliriki, Lindos Beach, etc (did I miss any beaches - these are the ones that most intrigued me)
What else should I see? Thanks!

Holiday season coming to a close in Greece & the islands

Soon tavernas/bars & shops will be closing until 2024.By mid november it will be very quiet.

Airport taxis

Hello everyone, Newby here, so please bare with me if this question has been asked before. I will be arriving in Rhodes on Friday evening, and wondering if its cheaper to prebook a taxi or just jump in a taxi at the airport, as not sure if there is a standard rate or not. Thanks

Have you been to the casino in Rhodes?

I would love to visit the casino in Rhodes! But I've never gambled in Greece, what is it like?

Which area to stay on Rhodes?

I am trying to plan my next trip to Greece and I think I will go to Rhodes this time. I went once, and it was only for a few days. Stayed near Lindos. I want to stay longer, and there are different areas - I can't figure out where to stay this time!

Should I stay near Lindos again? Are there other areas worth seeing? It was over ten years ago that I went.
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