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How can I get to the melassani caves? Do I have to get a private boat or are there public boats that go there? I would love to visit and I hate making last minute arrangements so if anyone has advice on how to set this up before I head out for my trip I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

The oldest winery in Greece is in Kefalonia!!

If you're a wine lover, you must visit Domaine Foivos winery in Kefalonia!! Check it out: http://www.domainefoivos.com/en/ If you've been to any other wineries on the island please let me know I would love to visit and see what the others are like

Saint Theodori lighthouse in Kefalonia

Greece has some of the most beautiful lighthouses I've ever seen! I love this one in Kefalonia :) The Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi is located in the village of Argostoli which is also the capital of Kefalonia


Mpalos is the traditional dance of Kefalonia

Thought i'd share this lovely video of traditional kefalonia dancing

What are some of the best traditional desserts from Kefalonia?

I would love to spend my time in Kefalonia hopping from bakery to bakery! What desserts do you recommend for someone who has a sweet tooth? Thanks :)

Petani beach is great for lounging

If you are looking for relaxation while visiting the island of Kefalonia, Petani Beach is the perfect choice. The water and sand with white pebbles are a sight to see. Once you’re done admiring the surroundings, you can lay down some beach towels, get a sun bed and umbrella, and lounge the day away. :)



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