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Entrance into the complex is free of charge, and a visitor could easily while away an afternoon exploring the ruins and enjoying the commanding view from the top of the fortress. You can certainly stroll here on your own, but it is also a good idea to take a tour if possible, especially if you want to learn more about it. The view from the top provides an ample reward with stunning, panoramic vistas of the Old Harbor and the city below.



I agree, this is a great place to visit in Corfu... It is one of those places that is interesting to visit, and there are also some incredible views.

This is the best hotel for a romantic getaway in Corfu, Greece

I stumbled upon this hotel while researching where to stay in Corfu and it looks great for a couple to visit! If youre thinking of taking a honeymoon and love luxurious hotels, you chould check this out https://www.marbella.gr/

Here are some things to do in Lakones, Corfu

Lakones was a sanctuary for Odysseus during a shipwreck according to the Odyssey. Now it is a beautiful place for travelers to visit and check out the culture of Corfu. Here are some links where you can browse what to do in this little village

Where can I find live music in Corfu?

Have any of you been to any nice concert halls or restaurants/bars with good Greek live music?

What to do in Kassiopi Corfu

Look at how beautiful this area is. When visiting Kassiopi, I recommend that you visit Kassiopi Tower, Old Perithia, and Kalamionas Beach.


What are the best islands to sail to from Corfu?

I would love to take a small boat from Corfu to a nearby island...what is the best place I can visit for a day trip? I don't want to dock and stay at another island for an night because I've already booked a spot in Corfu for 4 days.
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