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Did you know that some Ancient Greeks wouldn't eat beans because they said they contained the souls of dead people....eeek! Do you know of any other superstitions?
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I did a google search and it seems that few traditions have remained from the ancient times. I don't know if they were recorded in history

What was the culture of Sparta like?

This warrior society is too good not to know more about it!! What was ancient Sparta like?

How was Byzantine Morea named?

Does anyone know how the Byzantine region known as Morea was named? It's so beautiful


What is the history of the marathon?

I know that the marathon originated in ancient Greece...but what is the history and how did we end up with the modern day marathon?

What was the history of the Attic Greek Dialect?

I've heard very little about this dialect... but I know that many important Greek philosophers, writers, and thinkers spoke this dialect! Does anyone know a little more information about this dialect?

What is the history of the split between the Catholic and Orthodox church?

I know the answer is probably super complicated...but I never actually knew what happened and how we ended up with so many different types of Christianity. Can anyone elaborate or recommend any good documentaries that are historically accurate?


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