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I haven't heard much about Greek engagement traditions in Australia but I've always been curious. What is the process of getting engaged in Greece?


One of the older traditions (although many still do it today) is have a dowry for the wife. You can read more here:


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It is traditional to have an Aravona or engagement ceremony where the priest blesses the couple and rings. At this event family members purchase jewelry for the bride (and groom but but as much) and place it on her.


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Here are some Greek Orthodox wedding traditions that might help:

How do Greeks greet each other?

What is the etiquette for greeting someone when you first meet them in Greece? I want to make sure to be as appropriate as possible

Columbus, Ohio Greek festival in September!

Columbus is hosting a Greek festival in September! Check it out: https://rove.me/to/ohio/columbus-greek-festival
Hopefully all of the social distancing restrictions will be lifted by then and it will be safe to attend the festival as normal

What are some Greek-American traditions

I’ve seen many posts about Greek traditions. But what are some Greek American ones? I’d love to hear your favorites!!

How to dance Ikariotiko!

Thanks to this amazing person who uploaded this video! So helpful :)

Ragoutsaria is one of the lesser known Greek traditions!

This is one of the lesser known customs that people don't know about!! Between the 6th and the 8th of January, people get dressed up with symbolic and often scary masks to exorcise the evil spirits from the city. I thought it would be nice to share with all of you. Are any of you from Kastoria? That's where this custom is practised


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