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Hi guys! First time visitor to the Ionian islands here! What should I get a taste of in Corfu? Any tips?
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I really loved sofrito when I visited, it's a really tasty veal dish. They had it at almost every taverna, because it's one of the most popular dishes. You should really try it!!


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Hello, some of the most well known dishes are:
Sofrito, one of the trademark dishes of Corfu. It basically consists of fried thin slices of beef cooked with white sauce, garlic, pepper, white wine, vinegar and parsley. It is served with a side of mashed peas or potatoes.
Pastitsada, with beef meet that is initially cooked with oil, spices, onion, garlic and red wine. After that, cinnamon, nutmeg, laurel, fresh tomato, tomato paste and sugar are added. It is served with pasta and grated cheese and bourdeto that is made with various types of fish. The fish is cooked with onion, red pepper and lemon juice.
Dont forget to try koum kouat that is a liker made from the koum kouat tree indigenous only in Corfu

Looking for the beaches with the bluest water in Corfu

Hey hey everyone! I’m trying to find some insta-worthy blue waters in Corfu. What are some of the top beaches you’ve been to in Corfu and where would you go again? This is the type of beach i’m looking for


What is the culture of Corfu like?

Hey guys, I'm thinking of traveling to Corfu for my next vacation, but I don't know too much about the island. Before traveling I really like to learn about the places that I'm visiting so I have some cultural context. What is a culture like? How does Corfu differ from the other Greek Islands? Can anyone give me some insight?

What are some of the best dishes local to Corfu?

Hi guys! First time visitor to the Ionian islands here! What should I get a taste of in Corfu? Any tips?

Are there any foods traditional to Corfu?

I would love to visit Corfu one day and learn about what regional dishes they offer. I know that I want to travel all over Greece, and try the classics like Gyro, moussaka and all of that good stuff. But I know that there's so much more to learn about and try, especially in Corfu, I’ve even heard of a regional type of pastitsio that they have. Does it look and taste like this one?


Have you rescued the donkeys in Corfu?

I know that there's a lot of news about the donkey attractions in Greece and the mistreatment of donkeys. My friend is really into saving animals and all that, so on our trip I wanted to visit this donkey sanctuary. Have any of you been? I didn't even know this was a thing.



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