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Hi guys! First time visitor to the Ionian islands here! What should I get a taste of in Corfu? Any tips?
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I really loved sofrito when I visited, it's a really tasty veal dish. They had it at almost every taverna, because it's one of the most popular dishes. You should really try it!!


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Hello, some of the most well known dishes are:
Sofrito, one of the trademark dishes of Corfu. It basically consists of fried thin slices of beef cooked with white sauce, garlic, pepper, white wine, vinegar and parsley. It is served with a side of mashed peas or potatoes.
Pastitsada, with beef meet that is initially cooked with oil, spices, onion, garlic and red wine. After that, cinnamon, nutmeg, laurel, fresh tomato, tomato paste and sugar are added. It is served with pasta and grated cheese and bourdeto that is made with various types of fish. The fish is cooked with onion, red pepper and lemon juice.
Dont forget to try koum kouat that is a liker made from the koum kouat tree indigenous only in Corfu


The cuisine of Corfu is interesting because there are some unique elements to it, compared with the rest of Greece. The island was under Venetian occupation for a while, and it is also fairly close to Italy. As a result, this has impacted the cuisine. Pastitsado is one of the dishes that you should try. It's a pasta dish that is made with rooster that has been braised in a flavorful tomato sauce.

What is the best way to get to Corfu from Athens?

Corfu looks beautiful...but it's just so damn far. What is the best way to get there in your experience?

What to do in Kassiopi Corfu

Look at how beautiful this area is. When visiting Kassiopi, I recommend that you visit Kassiopi Tower, Old Perithia, and Kalamionas Beach.


What can I do in Sidari, Corfu?

All I know is that there is a really great Canal d'Amor aka the canal of love! Couples and sweethears carve their name in the canal which is so sweet. But what else can I do here?


Here are some things to do in Lakones, Corfu

Lakones was a sanctuary for Odysseus during a shipwreck according to the Odyssey. Now it is a beautiful place for travelers to visit and check out the culture of Corfu. Here are some links where you can browse what to do in this little village

This is the best hotel for a romantic getaway in Corfu, Greece

I stumbled upon this hotel while researching where to stay in Corfu and it looks great for a couple to visit! If youre thinking of taking a honeymoon and love luxurious hotels, you chould check this out https://www.marbella.gr/
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