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I'm curious...are there any older Easter traditions that we don't practice anymore? Has Easter always been celebrated with the lamb, Anastasi and egg cracking?


As far as I can remember my family has done the same things they always have. Eating lamb and having red eggs is a big one. We also make a special bread. My family makes a dough similar to tsoureki, but we make them in individual rolls instead of the bread loaf. These are the rolls:

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I believe it has always been that way! I know the tradition of cooking Mageiritsa soup is also very old. The recipe has been in my family for generations.
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Happy Greek Independence Day!!

Happy Greek Independence Day everyone! I'm so grateful to have this platform and community. I wish everyone health, safety, and happiness. How are all of you celebrating today? Drop your pics in this thread! 🇬🇷

Why do Greek Orthodox people fast?

I live in a predominately Greek neighborhood and a lot of my neighbors and friends are always talking about fasting… but I'm a little confused. I didn't know some Christians fasted. What is Greek orthodox fasting? What are you allowed eat or do and what are you not allowed to do?

What should I expect at a Greek wedding?

I'm going to a Greek wedding this summer for the first time, are there any customs I should be aware of? I'm so excited!!

What are some trendy and new ways to dye Greek easter eggs?

hey everyone! My husband is Greek and we're going to be celebrating Greek Easter this year and I wanted to know if there are any trendy or cool ways to die a Greek Easter eggs. I want to add my own twist and get the kids involved too. Drop pics if you have them!!

Tips on fasting for sarakosti (lent)?

Hey everyone, I usually don't fast before Easter but I'd like to try this year. Does anyone have any tips for a beginner?


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