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I'm curious...are there any older Easter traditions that we don't practice anymore? Has Easter always been celebrated with the lamb, Anastasi and egg cracking?


As far as I can remember my family has done the same things they always have. Eating lamb and having red eggs is a big one. We also make a special bread. My family makes a dough similar to tsoureki, but we make them in individual rolls instead of the bread loaf. These are the rolls:

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I believe it has always been that way! I know the tradition of cooking Mageiritsa soup is also very old. The recipe has been in my family for generations.
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Mother in laws Greek homemade air freshener recipe

My mother in law has this amazing recipe for an "air freshener" when the house needs a pick me up
All you need to do is boil these ingredients on low for a few hours. Make sure it doesn't burn though!!
-Orange peel
-Lemon peel
-Star anise

Ragoutsaria is one of the lesser known Greek traditions!

This is one of the lesser known customs that people don't know about!! Between the 6th and the 8th of January, people get dressed up with symbolic and often scary masks to exorcise the evil spirits from the city. I thought it would be nice to share with all of you. Are any of you from Kastoria? That's where this custom is practised

How to dance kalamatiano!

This is one Greek dance that always confuses me and I find myself googling the moves before every Greek party that I go to. I hope this video helps!!

How much of modern Greek traditions are based in ancient Greece?

I wonder how much of modern Greek culture is based on the Byzantine and Ottoman empire and how much is from ancient Greece. I'm not Greek but my husband is and I'm trying to learn more about the culture, any help and opinions from all of you have been super helpfuL!

The Christmas boat is the original Christmas tree in Greece


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