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Does anyone have any good Greek mythology book recommendations for teens? I would love to get a gift for my niece who is turning 13 this month, she really loves to read and I would love to introduce her to Greek mythology and her heritage. Thanks!!!
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John Stefan

Yes I do. Below are 3 good Greek Mythology Books to recommend for teenagers.

1 - Atticus The Storyteller 100 Greek Myths

2 - Usborne Greek Myths for Young Children

3 - Titans and Olympians Greek and Roman Mythology Myth and Mankind

I hope this helps as they are all very good books in my opinion so any or all of them will do.

kind regards John Stefan
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I love the Percy Jackson series! It's inspired by Greek mythology, not actual Greek mythology
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John Stefan

Below are the pictures of the 3 books that I recommended

kind regards John Stefan


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Below are the pictures of the 3 books that I recommended

kind regards John Stefan
I used to have Greek Myths for Young Children! You're bringing back so many memories
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I read the Edith Hamilton one when I was in middle school. I think I was a bit too young, but high school age might be about right for that one.


Did you know that you can book Greek mythology vacation packages?

I can't believe this even exists! But I'm so glad it does. This website offers vacation packages that are based on Greek mythology. If you've always wanted to go to famous places in Greek mythology, you definitely need to look into this. I've only been to a few locations on this list, but I definitely recommend Athens, Mount Olympus and Delphi for those that are interested in travelling through history and time while in Greece.

An Ancient Magical Spell?

In many parts of the world many people or magicians attempted to avert evil by either using amulets or uttering commanding dispelling words. In my native town (founded by Italic Greeks [Throurioi] in 204 B.C., in southern Italy, as I mentioned before) there is a magical spell , which I learned there before moving to New York, but it is in corrupt Latin form, while the local dialect is a bundle of Greek, corrupt Latin, and corrupt Italian words. Its contents make me suppose that it is a late version of a Greek spell:
"uottu e nove, fore mal'uocchiu" literally = "eight and nine, outside/away [be] the evil eye".
Fore = Latin Fore
Mal'uocchiu = male uocchiu < Lat. Malis/Male + Oculus
8 e 9 mean nothing to me, but I have an hypothesis: those words are an invocation to the 8 Chthonic gods and the 9 Celestial or Olympian gods -- not so classified by Hesiod, but probably by Dorians.
The Celestial gods would be , as in the oldest myths, Ouranos and Gaia, plus, from later myths, Selene or Artemis, Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, Chronos, Helios or the Solar Apollo. The Chthonic [terrestrial and underground] gods would be Hades, Poseidon [of fresh and salty waters], the triple-goddess
Hekate [originally the One Below, Khthonie herself; Hekate Phosphoros in Hades; but also identified with Selene/Artemis], the Chthonic Apollon or [Thessalian] Haplos, and two others: Demeter, the mother of grain vegetation, personified as Kore, and Kore, who after Hades' abduction, was identified with Persephone.
So it seems.

List of Greek Myths that Happened on Crete?

I am making a list of places on Crete that have to do with Greek Mythology and I am wondering if I missed anything:

* Cave of Zeus (Diktaion)
* Knossos Palace
* Minotaur's Labyrinth
* Paximadia - I read someone this is where Artemis and Apollo were born supposedly?

Did I miss anything or get anything incorrect?

Mythological Places in Greece to Visit?

I didn't know if I should put this here or in the travel forum but I am curious... where should I visit in Greece if I want to be in touch with Greek Mythology? I understand that there are some notable places. Here is a list of what I have come up with. Can you think of anything to add?

  • Mount Olympus - pretty fun that it is a real place!
  • Cave of Zeus in Crete - where supposedly he was raised
  • Archeron - you can actually visit the river mentioned in the stories, as being a gateway to the underworld?
  • Delphi - where the fabled oracle did her thing!
I can't think of anything else....

Roman mythical men?

Does roman mythology have any sort of "mythical men" similar to the spartoi?
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