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My guy friend isn't really a foodie, so I don't want to get him honey or spices like I usually get my friends. Is there something I could get a guy that he would really like from Greece? He's not into soccer either, so I wouldn't think to get him a Greek soccer jersey.

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Hmmmm, if he is not into sports, here is a list of some ideas for Greek related souvenirs (that I have purchased for friends and family in the past):
- Hat
- T-shirt or sweatshirt
- Greek coffee (if they like coffee!)
- Metaxa or Ouzo (if they drink alcohol)
- Magnet of places you are going to Greece
- Coffee mug
- Something Greek evil eye related (mati)
- Book from Greece (if they might be interested)
- A rock, sand, etc (some islands have unique sand and rocks like the black beaches in Santorini for instance).
- Greek sweets or cookies (if they can stay for a bit)

These are some ideas of souvenirs to consider!



I would get him some Ouzo or Raki or another type of spirit. That always seems to be popular. What kinds of things does your friend like? The best gift is one that is meaningful - if he collects hats, for example, you can get him a Greek hat, like one of those fishermen hats or just a baseball cap that says Greece.

This is what a Greek Pontian wedding precession looks like!

I love seeing all of the different cultural traditions that exist in Greece! So beautiful

Oxi day is coming up soon! How are you all celebrating?

This is one of the most historical Greek holidays that I admire so much! How is everyone celebrating? :) Happy almost Oxi day

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

I know its a little early (Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet) but Im already too excited and preparing for Christmas!! What are your favorite Greek Christmas traditions?? :)

What do Greek-Americans and Greek-Canadians do for thanksgiving?

This question is out of pure curiotisty! What do my fellow Greek-Americans and Greek-Canadians do for thanksgiving? Do you eat turkey? Do you even celebrate?

This is what a Greek Orthodox baptism looks like!

Here is a short video for anyone that's curious about what happens at a Greek Orthodox baptism

Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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