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My husband and I would love to visit Crete together! In your opinion, what are the best things to do for couples?
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My husband and I would love to visit Crete together! In your opinion, what are the best things to do for couples?
Balos Lagoon is a great option


If you want to do something adventurous together, consider hiking the Samaria Gorge. After the hike, I would reserve time to spend at the village at the end... The beach at that village ended up being one of my favorites, it had gorgeous, black sand. Village is called Agia Roumeli. The gorge hike is no joke, though - it's totally downhill until you get to the gorge. You need plenty of water, and your knees need to be in decent condition. If you are in moderately good shape, though, you can pull it off. The views are stunning. the beach is fantastic. There's a guest house, you can even spend the night at the village. Once the tourists from the hike clear out, the village is pretty quiet and romantic. Also, consider buying honey in the village - some of the best Greek honey I have ever had.

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Dont miss out on Hersonissos, Crete!

I feel like Hersonissos is the part of Crete that is often overlooked!! Look how beautiful it is 😍 I definitely recommend adding it to your list in Crete along with Iraklio and Chania.


Nine parties interested in Iraklio Port |

Samaria Gorge in Crete has dazzled me

This has to be one of the most beautiful places in Greece for sure!! Who has been here?? :)


These are the top places to visit in Crete, Greece

These are the places that you must see when you visit Crete!!

1. Elafonissi
2. Minoan Palaces
3. Samaria Gorge
4. Old Venetian Harbor
5. Heraklion Archaeological Museum

This is what Elafonisi beach looks like...just stunning 😍
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