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My goal is to visit as many world heritage sites as possible and I'm going to be going to Greece this year! What are your favorite sites in Greece?


Besides the Acropolis of course, I would have to say Meteora. You can't beat it. It was one of the best places I've visited in Greece
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I loved Delphi!

Does anyone know when Greece is reopening?

I am a little confused with all of the info floating around on the internet. Does anyone know what's actually going to happen and when Greece will properly reopen?

What are the best souvenirs to get someone from Greece?

I'm planning to travel to Athens and Zakynthos this summer! What are some classic (but not corny) souvenirs that I can bring back from Greece? :) thanks

What are the most romantic things to do in Zakynthos?

I'd love to take my girlfriend on a trip there this summer but I want to make sure I have a stellar itinerary planned first

Traveling to Greece for Easter

Does anyone have advice for traveling to Greece during easter? I'm not planning on going this year because of covid but if anyone is going I'd love to hear your tips! My boyfriend is Greek and I'm Armenian and we're thinking of going next year, and to Armenia for Easter the next

Is it easy for vegans to travel to Greece?

I have a vegan friend who is a bit nervous about traveling to Greece. Does anyone know if there are any vegan options, especially in the touristy spots? Thanks


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