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I'm in the holy spirit but pretty sad that we in Athens can't leave the house to attend church services. I've only been living here for a little while so I haven't gotten the chance to visit many of the churches. What are your favorites?


The Church of Agia Dynami is stunning on the inside and out!
Lycabettus is the best church! It's at the top of the hill and you have to use a cable car to get there but it's totally worth it

What is shopping at the Athens laiki (farmers market) like?

I've always wanted to visit an authentic Greek farmers market (this is a pic of the one I go to in Toronto, I love it!). Are there any good ones in downtown Athens? If so, where are they and do you have any tips?

farmers market.jpg

Quiet vibes at Porto Rafti beach

Porto Rafti beach is one the best beaches near Athens. It's so relaxing and super close to the airport! If you find yourself wanting a quick getaway from the city, Porto Rafti is the place to be


Visiting the changing of the guards in Athens

I love taking my little cousins to see the changing of the gaurds in Athens, it's one of my favorite things to do in the city and the kids always get a kick out of it. Anyone else?


Greek Social Sites

Hello All,

Any recommendations on the best native Greek sites to meet people from Greece?

Planning to go to Greece this summer and am interested to connect with some new people...

Thank You

Is Athens safe for teens to explore alone?

My kids speak decent Greek and I'm wondering if it's safe to let them leave the hotel and explore the city on their own. They're 16 years old. Do you have any advice?


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