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Any wine recommendations for Santorini? I’ll be visiting soon and I want to see what all the hype is about and get a taste of the wines from the source!! Any winery tips would also be appreciated!

Stratos Morfis

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For me Best wine of Santorini is Assyrtiko.
One of the Best wineries in the island is Boutari


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For me Best wine of Santorini is Assyrtiko.
One of the Best wineries in the island is Boutari
I'll have to visit Boutari on my next trip! Thanks for the tip
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I'm not a huge wine drinker myself but my husband loves Santorini wines, especially the white ones. I believe those are the most popular from the island. When we went a few years ago, we were able to visit a few wineries and do some taste testings. It was so worth it and I highly recommend going to visit a winery, especially if you want to see the whole process and learn about the ones that you're drinking.


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The best Santorini wines are (in my opinion) Vinsanto and Assyrtiko. The Assyrtiko is so popular that I can even find it on my local liquor store. It tastes amazing with fish too!! Check it out for sure.
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The most common santorini varieties are assyrtiko and nuxteri.18 wineries in Santorini provide a huge variety of options.Sigalas- xatzidakis and venetsanos wineries are some of the best.Also make sure you try the visanto variety which can only be found in Santorini.(sweet wine)

The best restaurants in Santorini

Santorini has some of the best Greek cuisine! Ever since the tourism industry has been booming, chefs from all over the world have been visiting, opening up restaurants, and collaborating with Greek shifts. In my opinion, this is the island where you can get the most diverse and elevated cuisine. These are the best restaurants in my opinion, but please let me know your top pics. I would love to know.

- Ouzeri
-FalafeLand (vegan)

These are just a handful that I can remember off the top of my head!

The Santorini crowds seem to be getting worse and worse

I can't seem to escape all of the criticism about the Santorini crowds. This makes me wonder… are the crowds getting worse? Or are people just posting about them more on social media? I haven't been to Santorini in many years, but this is just a glimpse of what you may be faced with when visiting the island. Of course, take it with a grain of salt, and the whole island will definitely not be full of people. I do recommend visiting in May, June, and September if you want a quieter vacation.

You must visit the hot springs in Santorini

The Hot Springs in Santorini are one of the best natural springs that you can go to in Greece. They are heated by the islands volcano that is underneath the ocean, causing the springs to be extremely warm and offer a very relaxing experience. There are two small islands near Santorini in which you can be able to access the Hot Springs. You will need to take a boat to Nea Kameni or Palea Kameni. You will notice that the water is slightly yellow, but this is because it has a higher amount of sulphur than regular seawater, so no need to be alarmed. I hope you enjoy the Hot Springs!

Yes, Santorini is as beautiful as they say

Today was my first day in Santorini and I must say I was astounded. I was worried that there was a lot of hype around the island, and that it might not be as nice as they say but I was wrong. It’s absolutely stunning. I believe that everyone should try and go in their lifetime.


The best place to go scuba diving in Santorini

Santorini is one of the best places to go scuba diving because the island was created from a volcano many years ago which makes the sea life very different from other areas of Greece. There are very unique Coral reef Sandrock formations that have come from the volcano, and as always, the sea is teeming with wildlife. I highly recommend visiting Caldera Lagoon and arranging that you go scuba diving there. There are a few local schools that you should call ahead of time to schedule your slot. Best of luck!
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