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Hey again, I know I posted about wanting to know the most common places in Rhodes… But I could never go on vacation without experiencing some nightlife. After all, what visiting the spas be worth it if I didn't have a great time on a night out? That being said, where are your favorite spots on the island of Rhodes to go out at night?



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Socratous Garden is the place to be! Although you can certainly enjoy this place at night, it’s worth it to come while it’s still daylight so that you can enjoy the beautiful gardens while you eat and drink.
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In Kolimbia you should go to the Oasis Cocktail Bar. It's always full of life and many young people. And very many tourists, which is super common at many of the bars in roads and even all around Greece. It's a great place to meet new people, because everyone is having fun, on vacation, I'm pretty much down for anything. Cheers!

What are your favorite spots in Rhodes?

What are some lowkey and lesser known spots in Rhodes?

Why does Rhodes have castles?

Does anyone know a bit about the history of Rhodes? I'm planning my trip and I didn't realize that there are so many castles on the island. Does anyone know why?


How can I connect with nature in Rhodes?

I've been wanting to connect with nature a bit more, especially when I'm traveling. Do any of you have advice on how I can experience nature in Rhodes? Is there anything that I can do with a guide? I don't really want to go hiking in the wilderness and get lost LOL

Tips for a romantic getaway for couples in Rhodes

I would love to take a romantic trip with my husband this summer. Does anyone have tips for a couple looking to relax and explore?

What is the difference between old Rhodes town and new Rhodes town?

Hey everyone, I am planning my trip to Rhodes, what are the differences between old town and the new town? Where is the best for tourist attractions and hotels? I love the look of the old town but what else does it have to offer?



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