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Hey everyone, i’m planning a trip to Rethymno after graduating from college this summer, what are the best beaches for me to visit?


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Thanks for stopping by!

Here are some of the beaches in the Rethymno area (Crete) that are some of my favorite (in no particular order):
- Limani Beach
- Varkotopos Beach
- Preveli Beach
- Livadi Beach

Hope this helps & Have a great trip to Crete!



This is a beautiful area of Crete, and there are plenty of nearby beaches. I like both Limani and Prevali beaches quite a bit. You also might want to check out Kalipso, which is a beachside resort that feels like it's been carved into the rocks. It's so cool! No matter which beach you go to, you might want to arrive early so that you can claim one of these chairs and umbrellas for yourself! They fill up fast.


Please show me pictures of the best beaches you visited in Crete!

Hey guys! I’m visiting Crete this year and I wanna go see some of the best beaches that Greece has to offer but there’s way too many to choose from. Do any of you have pictures from your trip? I would love to hear details from your experience.

Where can I find adventure in Crete?

Hi fellow travelers! My two sons are super adventurous and love to do all of the crazy teenage stuff that they see on youtube. I am planning our trip to Crete and I want to book any activities beforehand. Any tips for beautiful Crete??


Do you have a favorite area in Crete to visit?

Crete is large enough where it's not an easy trek going from one end of the island to the other for a day trip, so I like to choose an area to stay in and then focus on exploring it. My personal favorite is the area near Chania, but I have stayed near Heraklion, as well, and liked it. Where do you guys all like to stay when visiting Crete?

What are your traveling tips for couples visiting Crete?

My girlfriend and I are thinking of taking a romantic trip around some Greek isalnds this summer after our trip to Italy. Do you have any ideas about what would be fun for couples?

Is the Firka fortress worth visiting?

Crete is just so huge I don't know where to start. Have anyone of you visited the Firka fortress? Is it worth it?


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