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Hi guys! Film and history buff here. I especially love old foreign films, do any of you have some Greek favorites?


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There are so many traditional old Greek movies that are great, but this is often left up to personal taste.

I would say one of the best. high level Greek history documentary film is on Youtube and can be found here:



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I love America America!! It's so old and it's a good insight to what life in the olden days was like in Greece.

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What was Spartan life really like?

I’m a pretty big fan of movies about ancient Greece, especially any with spartan warriors. Does anyone know what Spartan life was really like? I'm no expert here but I'd love to know if it lives up to the Hollywood ideals.


Since when did Greece have kingdoms?

I've had a lot of free time recently and I've been researching the history of modern Greece. I had absolutely no idea that Greece had monarchs and kingdoms. Does anyone have a little bit more info about what was going on at the time? And what caused this?

What are the biggest influences of the Byzantine empire in Greece?

I'm not a historian but I'm super curious about what impact the Byzantine empire has had on Greece's culture and overall history.

Did anyone know that Prince Phillip (rip) was Greek?

Apparently he was born in Corfu and his family was temporarily "Greek royalty" but they were exiled soon after.

Apparently there was a pandemic in ancient Athens!

While I was doing some research about the pandemic I realize that they were actually way more common than I had thought. Little did I know that one of my favorite historical periods, ancient Greece, how to play they killed some really famous historical figures. How come no one told me this? Did any of you know about this???


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