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What are some lowkey and lesser known spots in Rhodes?


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Here are a few places to consider while visiting Rhodes:

- Kremasti
- Salakos
- Ialyssos

Hope this helps and enjoy Rhodes if you do go!:)

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I really like the acropolis of Lindos. My friends and I took a guided tour so we knew exactly what we were looking at, and it was so beautiful. I really recommend it! The tour guides there are super informative and helpful.

What are the spots for the best nightlife in Rhodes?

Hey again, I know I posted about wanting to know the most common places in Rhodes… But I could never go on vacation without experiencing some nightlife. After all, what visiting the spas be worth it if I didn't have a great time on a night out? That being said, where are your favorite spots on the island of Rhodes to go out at night?


Where in Rhodes was the famous movie "Boy on a Dolphin" filmed?

I love this film (and Sophia Loren) so much and I'd love to visit some of the locations where it was shot, does anyone know where on the island it was filmed?

Where can I have a calm getaway in Rhodes?

Hey everyone!! I’m looking to relax and have a soothing time in Rhodes. Are there any spas or getaway spots that you recommend? Where have you been and what would you recommend?

How can I connect with nature in Rhodes?

I've been wanting to connect with nature a bit more, especially when I'm traveling. Do any of you have advice on how I can experience nature in Rhodes? Is there anything that I can do with a guide? I don't really want to go hiking in the wilderness and get lost LOL

What is your favorite beach on Rhodes?

I went to Rhodes once as part of a cruise stop, and I spent the whole time touring the Knights of Saint John area, as well as the Acropolis of Lindos. By the time the tour was over, there was no time to really do much else. Next time I go, I want to hit the beach. Do you have a favorite beach on the island?


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