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What are some lowkey and lesser known spots in Rhodes?

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Here are a few places to consider while visiting Rhodes:

- Kremasti
- Salakos
- Ialyssos

Hope this helps and enjoy Rhodes if you do go!:)

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I really like the acropolis of Lindos. My friends and I took a guided tour so we knew exactly what we were looking at, and it was so beautiful. I really recommend it! The tour guides there are super informative and helpful.


There will be parades & dancing. To celebrate independence day

The city of Rhodes is about to have some major changes

I am very happy to see that Greece is investing in preserving its architecture and mediaeval cities. Rhodes has so much beauty, that I would hate to see it go away overtime because of environmental or other damages and erosion. Their plan is to create three main sectors of the city which will be the monumental, residential, and commercial areas. I'm very curious to see how this project will turn out and how the funds will be allocated. Have you heard anything about this?

We had snow last night on Rhodes

Most of the island had the snow.Even on coastal areas like faliraki & afandou. The 1st time in 35 years

lot of flooding after 29 December storms

Lindos & Pefkos had a lot of damage .

Did you know that the Italian influence in Rhodes is HUGE!

Many people don't know that Rhodes' Italian influence is pretty recent and not from Roman times. The last time Italians set foot in Rhodes was in 1943 after World War 1. It was only until 1947 that Greek became a part of the modern Greek state. Italians really contributed to the development of the island and to the culture and architecture. This is one of the reasons why Rhodes is so unique and has a pretty different vibe than some of the other islands.
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