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My Greek husband and I are visiting Mykonos this summer and would love any tips about the best beaches to visit in Greece. I'm a sucker for soft white sand, and really really blue waters. And any place that has beach chairs in excellent service is a plus because I love to enjoy a nice cocktail by the water. Something with this vibe would be great:

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It depends what kind of experience you want. If you want to go to a popular beach that has sun loungers, bars, and entertaining while also being good for families, I recommend Paradise Beach. It can get busy though! The following is what it looks like when you manage to find a quiet corner. :)


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Yess Kapari Beach had amazing cabanas. My husband and I wanted to splurge because we went for our honeymoon and it was so romantic to lay in the shade right by the water. It's definitely very pricey but totally worth it if you ask me.


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All the beaches in Mykonos are some of the best in the world!!!


We want to party in Mykonos but we don’t know where to go

Hey everyone like I've mentioned in other forums my friends and I are taking a girls trip to Greece, and we really want to live it up. None of us have ever been and we're looking to have the most fun possible and that’s why we’re headed to Mykonos. Where are the best places to party?

Do I have to love partying to go to Mykonos?

I know that Mykonos is known for its wild parties and excessive drinking… but I'm really a low-key traveler and I just want to visit an island with beautiful beaches and a great vibe. Is there anyway that I can have fun in Mykonos without getting hammered?

Can Mykonos be fun while social distancing?

Hey everyone, I am thinking of traveling to Mykonos this year but I know that the island is known for partying and bars aka a lot of people in close spaces. Is there still stuff to do in Mykonos while social distancing and staying covid friendly?

I love Mykonos…but I might need a day trip to rest from this partying

Don't get me wrong, I love Mykonos… but I think I'll want a bit of an escape. My friends and I have planned a trip for one week to celebrate our college reunion of 25 years but in my opinion we're far too old to be partying every night. Any advice for a great but relaxing day trip?

How can I get to Filerimos Monastery?

Has anyone been to the monastery before? Is it difficult to get to?



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