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Here are some key points from this article. We should be doing more to protect our people. Let me know what you think.

-Ordering people to leave their homes without sending adequate fire fighting forces allows the fire to flare up and destroy everything in its path – not just the forest, but also all social and economic life that depends on it. Northern Evia was home to forests with many ancient trees.
-During the past two years, the government focused on hiring police officers and upgrading the police vehicle fleet, but paid less attention to other civil protection services, creating a vulnerability that played out dramatically this summer.
-One of the major findings of the report the committee produced was that fire protection should be directed by an independent authority, or a coordination committee that would bring all other services, local authorities and volunteers together for effective wildfire protection.


Wild fires are scary - this is some great data. It is a good idea to stay safe as best as we can. It is a tough call whether to leave. Fires can get out of control quickly.

Translating a few lines from English to Greek

Can anyone possibly help me translate a few lines into Greek? I used to be able to read and write Greek when I was a child, but these days I can barely read at all.

I have a few lines of Greek dialogue in a book I'm writing, and even though Google Translate does a reasonable job of translating English to Greek, from what I can make out, the translation doesn't look correct in the way a normal Greek would casually say the words - the translation just looks a little too formal. Could someone possibly take a look for me - it would only take a few minutes to read through the 3 - 4 lines?


Learning About Greek Orthodox Religion

I am of Dominican descent and my husband and I had an Orthodox wedding, but I didn't convert. I want to learn about the religion more to better connect with him and his side of the family ... what types of things should I look at? I found this link online and found it informative. How should I learn about Greek Orthodox?

Resources for Orthodox Christian Religious Fasting?

This past year, I have started taking fasting a lot more seriously. I used to just fast off and on during lent, but I have since learned that fasting is a constant thing. One thing I have noticed is that I struggle a bit to find food to eat, or to know what to do. This is a resource that I find helpful - I am curious if you guys know of anything that can help me:

Should I Bring Something to a Greek-Australian Dinner Party?

I am of Greek descent but I was born in Australia. Although my name sounds very Greek, I didn't actually grow up close to the culture. I am invited to a dinner party to a friend's house, and they have only just moved from Greece. Of course, I always went to dinner parties put on my family, but this is different. Usually my family would tell me what to bring and I don't have to think about gifts. What do you bring to a friend's house during a dinner party? Wine? Food?
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