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Hi everyone! My husband is Greek and I'll be visiting his family for a few days during Easter. What's something nice I can bring? Do you recommend something for the home like a vase? Or food?


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I would recommend bringing something for the house. A vase sounds like a nice idea, or maybe something that you know his parents like for themselves. You can bring food if you're going to their house for a meal or for a party, but if you're staying at their house for multiple days, a bigger gift is necessary.

How are you celebrating Greek Independence Day this year?

There won't be any parades :( so I'm looking for fun ways to keep the Greek spirit alive, any tips?


What are some trendy and new ways to dye Greek easter eggs?

hey everyone! My husband is Greek and we're going to be celebrating Greek Easter this year and I wanted to know if there are any trendy or cool ways to die a Greek Easter eggs. I want to add my own twist and get the kids involved too. Drop pics if you have them!!

Favorite Greek games?

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. My favorite Greek game is tavli (I love playing with Grandpa)! What is yours?


What time do Greeks eat their meals?

I'm planning my trip to Greece, and from what I've been told Greek people eat at different times than people from other countries. What are the most popular meal time is in Greece? What time should I plan to go out for dinner, lunch, and breakfast?

greek dinner.jpg

Looking for Greek dance playlists!

I would love to play some great Greek music this easter, does anyone have any links to Greek dance playlists? Anything with a good zeibeiko is perfect!!


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