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I've always wanted to visit an authentic Greek farmers market (this is a pic of the one I go to in Toronto, I love it!). Are there any good ones in downtown Athens? If so, where are they and do you have any tips?

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This is a video of a farmers market in Crete but you get the idea! Everything is so fresh, if you like the farmers market in Toronto you will love the ones in Greece.



There's a Farmer's Market in Athens, Greece - I think it might called the Laiki Farmer's Market... and it is very similar to a typical Greek outdoor market. All over Greece, it is easy to find a Farmer's Market no matter where you are, as when people have surplus fruits, vegetables, and other products to sell, they tend to sell it wherever they are.


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This is the laiki in Exarcheia on Kallidromiou Street. It's about a 25min walk from the more touristy areas like Monastiraki or you can just take a taxi for 4-5 euro. You can also spend the day in the area if you like, have lunch at Rosalia on Valtetsiou, slowly wind your way back to the touristy centre via Themistokleous and stop for a cake at I Cake You on the way back.

Exarcheia Laiki - Cropped.jpg

Have you been to any old school rebetathika in Athens?

Are there any old school rebetathika that exist still? I would love to check one out in Athens and see some great Greek live music!

List of best museums in Athens

1. Acropolis Museum
2. National Archaeological Museum
3. Museum of Illusions Athens
4. Museum of Ancient Agora
5. Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

What are some of the best outdoor activities to do in Athens?

I'll be visiting Athens this year but I want to be safe and socially distanced. Visiting my favorite restaurants and stores won't be an option this year :( Are there any cool outdoor activities I can do?

What are the best residential areas and villages to visit near Athens?

I'm visiting Athens but I'd like to see what other smaller villages I can visit nearby to get the traditional Greek village vibe like the one in this picture that I took when I was in Crete. Where can you recommend?


Which subway stations in Athens have ancient ruins?

I've heard a lot about the Athens subway system and that there are some stations with ancient ruins on display. Does anyone know which ones have this? I would love to visit


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