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My brother is looking to get married in Greece but he is not looking for a big fat Greek wedding! Many guests won't be able to travel to Greece for the wedding, so he is looking for something small and intimate, but affordable. Has anyone gotten married in Greece and has any recommendations? Please let me know in the threads :)


I don't know much about this. One thing I have heard is that you can hire a wedding organizer in Greece to help plan it - since it can be difficult doing it from the US. Also, here is a link from the US Embassy & Consulate in Greece:



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Small and intimate? I'm not sure about how inimate it is, but check out Agkistri. It's a small island, and not many tourists go there because there isn't much to do, so it's affordable, and there is a church right there on the water in Skala.
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Maybe Hydra? It's pretty secluded and its a very small island, cars aren't even allowed on the island

Be aware! Some beaches in Greece may be nude

This is just something to be aware of when traveling to Greece and this may surprise you if youre not from Europe. Some beaches in Greece are nude, and when visiting a non-nude beach, you might see some women topless. This is not as popular is it used to be in Greece. I have noticed less and less women going topless but it still happens. It is not considered rude in Greece to do, especially in front of small children. If you don't feel comfortable, just politely move away or go to another beach!

Highly recommended apartment in Syros-Cyclades!

I am posting this here to recommend this superb breathtakingly beautiful apartment for rent.It is hosted by my friends Costa and Peggy (their Villa on the same property),read up the reviews.Expect the very best of hospitality and services...

All about Sea Turtles (day) in Greece!🐢🐢 🐢

The biggest enemy of these beautiful creatures is the Humans!

What is the best spa in Greece?

I am a total spa lover!! I love going to a spa to unwind and relax while on vacation and treating myself to a complete spa experience. I am debating on where to go in Greece this year and I would love to see some great spa locations, preferably a hotel with a spa attached so it is most convenient (I don't like to rent a car). Does anyone have recommendations and personal experiences at a great Greek spa? I am looking to get a massage and perhaps sit in a sauna and jacuzzi. Extra services are a bonus!

What is the best Greek island for a bachelor party?

Some of my buddies and I are considering going to Greece for my friend's bachelor party, but we're not really sure what the best island would be. We're not super young, most of us are in our mid 30s so we're not very interested in going clubbing every single night. Something relaxing would be great, with a pretty decent night life that is not too crazy, again. Do you have any advice?
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