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I am thinking of visiting Thessaloniki this summer to visit a few friends and learn more about the history of the city...I am wondering where would be the best place to stay? What is the niehgborhood that is most central and next to the most activities? What would you recommend?


Maybe this article can help you find a good area? There are a lot of options:

Anyone else have any advice? I don't know a heck of a lot about Thessaloniki... I only went once, and I was too young to remember much.


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Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure if it’s the right place to ask for help, but I don’t know any other forum, actually. This is the only one I have. So, I’m currently in Thessaloniki, and I have an urgent flight to Queensland this Sunday. Then I’m going to Surfers Paradise, so I’d like to know where I can stay for 3-5 days there. TIA


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Hey there. Guess it’s OK, mate. Have you tried looking for some hotels on Airbnb or booking dot com? When I went to Surfers Paradise, we stayed at a random hotel my son found. As I remember, it was a Novotel Surfers Paradise hotel. My son just googled hotels near me and chose it. We had an urgent flight too, so we didn’t plan to stay there for a long time actually. Still, life has its own plans. We stayed there for a week or two. It’s a nice hotel to stay at, actually. So, hope it will be helpful for you.
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You should check out a PAOK soccer game at Toumba Stadium in Thessaloniki

Toumba Stadium is where the PAOK Football Club plays all of its games! Soccer games in Greece are very exciting and full of energy. I would argue that they're probably some of the most passionate soccer fans in the entire world. Of course, if they're playing a rival team I recommend exercising caution. Sometimes the fans can get pretty rowdy and fights can break out. It's definitely a great place to go if you're in the city! :)

Try bougatsa, Thessalonikis best breakfast food

Thessaloniki has one of the most popular breakfast foods in Greece! Bougatsa is a custard filled phyllo pastry with cinnamon and powdered sugar on top. The pastry is from Thessaloniki but is eaten in most regions in Northern Greece and you can find it in other areas of Greece as well.

What does everyone like about Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is one of the most unique places in Greece! Its way better than Athens in my opinion, it has everything that a big city has to offer but it also has a small town and waterfront vibe. Do you agree with what was said in the video? Or do you have your own perceptions about what is good and bad about the city? Let me know!

I love the White Tower in Thessaloniki...

I love cities that have beautiful landmarks. Thessaloniki wouldn't be the same without the white tower! I thought I'd share a pic of the place. Please share yours if you have them... it's really a great, iconic place with lots of history.


What do Athenians think about Thessaloniki?

Before any Athenians or Greeks get their feelings hurt in the comments, please know that this video was just for fun! Personally, I love both Athens and Thessaloniki and have had great experiences in both places. I have found that Athens is very beautiful during Christmas time, and I prefer to travel there in the off-season since it can get very hot during the summer and pretty empty during August. Thessaloniki is great during the summer because it's right by the water so you can enjoy that cool ocean breeze.

Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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