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Hi!! My friends and I are pretty into the history of Greece, andd want to see it up close and persnoal. We’re planning to go to Athens as well, but we want to see what historical stuff Thessaloniki has to offer. Any tips?


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I remember a while back my ex-boyfriend and I went to the Panagia Chalkeon church. The church was finished in 1028, so it’s a real piece of history.
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So many people think of Athens when they think of history in Greece, but they forget that all of Greece was a part of this famous ancient empire! There’s even an acropolis in Thessaloniki!!! And everyone forgets about it. That’s where I would go, just to say that I’ve been to BOTH acropolis’.
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Thessaloniki or Athens? Which city is better for nightlife?

Hi guys!! Like i’ve said before, I want to travel to Greece with some girlfriends, and we’re looking to experience some of the best nightlife that Greece has to offer. Would you all recommend Athens or Thessaloniki for nightlife? and Why?

Can I go to the beach in Thessaloniki?

I know that everywhere in Greece is super close to the beach, but how are the beaches in Thessaloniki? Can I count on spending a few days at the beach while I’m there or should I save that for another spot in Greece? I really want to catch some rays when I’m there!!

Where do I need to go in Thessaloniki?

Hi guys, I’ve never been to Greece before, even though my whole family is Greek. I’m going to Thessaloniki, but only for a few days because i’m going to be visiting my mom’s family in Chalkidiki. What do I need to see and where do I need to go? Authentic answers only :)

What should I do in Aristotelis square?

What are your travel tips for Aristotelis square in Thessaloniki?

What can I do in the Ladadika district?

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to visit more places, and expand my trips to Greece beyond my falimies village lol. I’ve heard a lot about the Ladadika, but does it live up to the hype? What’s really there and is it worth visiting?



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