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Hi!! My friends and I are pretty into the history of Greece, andd want to see it up close and persnoal. We’re planning to go to Athens as well, but we want to see what historical stuff Thessaloniki has to offer. Any tips?


I remember a while back my ex-boyfriend and I went to the Panagia Chalkeon church. The church was finished in 1028, so it’s a real piece of history.
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So many people think of Athens when they think of history in Greece, but they forget that all of Greece was a part of this famous ancient empire! There’s even an acropolis in Thessaloniki!!! And everyone forgets about it. That’s where I would go, just to say that I’ve been to BOTH acropolis’.
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You should rent a bike to tour Thessaloniki!

Many people don't think to rent a bike to see the city, but I think it's one of the best things you can do since Thessaloniki is right on the water and you will get some amazing views. Unlike different cities nearby, like Kavala, Thessaloniki doesn't have that many hills and is very easy to get around on the bike. I just recommend that you're careful of drivers, as Greek drivers can be a bit aggressive on the road. When I last visited, it was a few years back so I don't remember which bike rental company we used. So if anyone recommendations please drop them below.

Fantastic exhibition happening at the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture

This exhibition is titled "Philhellenisms, 1780-1860" and covers this crucial time period in Greek history during the Byzantine empire. The exhibition will showcase many different mediums of art including important texts from the time. The president of Greece will be attending to open up the exhibition, just showing how important and beautiful it will be to showcasing Greek history. I will be excited to visit soon!

What do Athenians think about Thessaloniki?

Before any Athenians or Greeks get their feelings hurt in the comments, please know that this video was just for fun! Personally, I love both Athens and Thessaloniki and have had great experiences in both places. I have found that Athens is very beautiful during Christmas time, and I prefer to travel there in the off-season since it can get very hot during the summer and pretty empty during August. Thessaloniki is great during the summer because it's right by the water so you can enjoy that cool ocean breeze.

The new Hellenic Temples

What makes food and drink so special in Thessaloniki restaurants ?

Share and discuss your Thessaloniki photos, questions and experiences!

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