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I would love to check out the area, I've heard so much about Sounio and the lovely views. My friend stayed at the Grecotel hotel and Ive heard the best things about the location
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Go to Palaio Faliro and follow Posidonos (the main road next to the sea) to Sounio. You could also take a bus on Posidonos.
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There is a 2 hour ktel (bus) if you want to go that way

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I have driven several times from Athens to Sounio, takes about 90 minutes or so and is a great drive (if you have rented a car), otherwise bus would be the way to go! 🇬🇷


The only time I have ever done this, I took a taxi from where I was staying, which was in the Athens coastal area near Vouliagmeni. I forget all the details as it was several years ago. If you take a taxi for a quick dray trip, negotiate the fare before you get in the car. We got a good rate from him, I forget how much, and he waited for us to be done exploring. My only other recommendation would be to time your visit to the temple for sunset for the best photo opp.

Beautiful views from our day trip to Aegina

We took a wonderful day trip to Aegina from Athens! The ferry boat was so short and delightful. It took about one hour from Piraeus which is the country’s largest port. We rented an ATV which was about 35€ for the day and took it around the whole island. It’s definitely not touristy and much more quiet than other islands. I definitely recommend it for a quick getaway.


View of the Acropolis from Thisseio

Thisseio is a great place for cafes and rooftop bars and restaraunts that have stunning views of the acropolis both during the day and at night. This picture was taken from Thisseio View, a cafe named perfectly for one of the best views in the city. The food is pretty good, nothing amazing but definitely worth going for a drink and a snack.

The real life of Athens is here’ – hidden gems beyond and beneath the Acropolis | Athens holidays |

Reconnecting with My Love of Greek Food in Athens

I grew up eating all the traditional Greek dishes, and then some. As an adult, I have gotten away from it. To top that off, I lost my mother's recipes and I never properly learned how to cook Greek food when I was growing up. I am thinking of visiting Greece, particularly Athens, not only to see the sites but to also reconnect with Greek cuisine.

When I am in Athens, do you have any recommendations on the best foods to try - maybe a favorite restaurant or something? I don't know where to start!

Have you ever tried pistachios from Aegina?

If you were looking to get away from the heat of the city, Aegina is the perfect island to go to. It is a pretty quick boat ride from Piraeus and you can explore both ancient ruins and remote villages. The island is pretty big so I recommend you get a car or ATV/motorcycle. The island has amazing pistachios with many different traditional desserts made from the nuts. You can find many pistachio stores lined up right outside of the port that sell pistachio butter, pistachio brittle and pistachio honey. I always get a few pistachio souvenirs for my family and they love them!
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