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I haven't talked to too many people who've visited Greece this year. I'm pretty covid safe, and I don't like being in places where people aren't following social distancing and mask rules. I worry that because people are on vacation and enjoying themselves that they aren't following the rules. What's it like? (I'm assuming it's different depending on the island/region) so please be specific!! Thanks :)


I haven't been to Greece since the pandemic, but from what I understand, people are following the rules pretty well. Can anyone chime in who has gone to Greece this year?


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I just came back from Greece.

Masks everywhere or you won't be allowed in for the most part... that said, there are people in Greece who disagree with masks and won't wear them or enforce the rules.
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I just came back from Greece.

Masks everywhere or you won't be allowed in for the most part... that said, there are people in Greece who disagree with masks and won't wear them or enforce the rules.
Yes there are a few people that don't follow the rules. Although because its still warm outside, everyone is outside and enjoying the heat and fresh air so people aren't wearing masks. Everyone is eating outside as well, so people mostly wear masks for shopping

Day trips from Athens to Hydra?

Do you think I can pull off visiting Hydra for a day trip from Athens? I want to make sure I have enough time there. We are visiting Greece soon for the first time (next year) and we are going to stay in the Athens are the whole time - but we would like to branch out and visiting Hydra seems like a great day trip.

From what I understand, there are regular ferries from Piraeus? Or would it be better to join an organized tour type of thing if I can find one?

Islands for a Day Trip in Athens Area

I am now starting to think that Athens area is a good location for a getaway for me and my girlfriends. It seems like the Athens are has everything that we need, plus it's easy to get around without renting a car.

We are interested in going on a boat for a day trip and visiting an island - maybe using that to visit a beach that is a bit further away. Does anyone have recommendations? I have heard Hydra is easy to get to from Piraeus for the day.

Honeymoon in Greece?

So, I plan to do a destination wedding in Greece. My fiancé and I plan to spend about month in Greece and we are inviting friends and family to attend the wedding. There are a lot who do plan to make the trip because they said they're excited to visit Greece.

At some point, though, we plan to ditch the group and have a honeymoon, just the two of us. The wedding will likely be on one of the popular islands, like Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete - but we plan to honeymoon in another spot, maybe a smaller island where we can have a quiet and romantic trip.

Do you all have any recommendations? We were even thinking that maybe the wedding can be in Mykonos and then we can go to Santorini or another island for the honeymoon.

I know, it would help if we could nail down the destination. We just hired a wedding planner in Greece and I am confident it will all come together. I was thinking to maybe even work backwards - pick a honeymoon and then select the destination. Wedding will be fall of 2023.

Traveling to Greece During Christmas

Has anyone here visited Greece for Christmas? I have only ever gone to Greece during the warmer months!

Specifically, I am trying to figure out if this is something I want to experience some day. I really want to learn about he real culture of Greece. I know, I have my traditions that have been passed down, but unless I go to Greece at Christmas someday, I am not sure I will ever truly understand.

Are things closed in Greece for December because of the holiday and will I have trouble as a visitor? I do have friends I can visit and maybe even stay with. It might be more fun that way.

Greek Tourism Revenues Exceed €18 Billion !

Now isn't this an impressive number!?.... Not final yet.... even with this figure Greece is extremely vulnerable to go into recession!!
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