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I'm thinking of adding it to my list for my trip, but I don't really know the history behind it... has anyone visited?

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It used to be used as a palace and headquarters and it's one of the only examples of gothic architecture in Greece!


I've taken an all inclusive tour of the palace and it was amazing! The tour guide was super knowledgeable and it was great to see such a different side of Greece. Many times people focus on ancient history and this part of Greece is lesser known. I would totally recommend that you visit


That is the Palace of the Grandmaster in Rhodes, Greece. It was built during Medieval times. Rhodes was the headquarters for the Knights of Saint John, and this group of knights were part of the Holy Wars that took place back then. Their full name was the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem. There are many buildings in Rhodes that were left behind by the Knights, and a tour of the whole area is fascinating.

What is Paradise Village in Rhodes?

What is Paradise Village in Rhodes? And what can I do there? My cousin said that I have to go once I visit Rhodes. It looks beautiful:

paradies village.jpg

Should I use taxis or get a rental car when traveling in Rhodes?

What do you all recommend? I usually use taxis when I'm in Athens but I've never been to Rhodes before so I'm not sure what my game plan should be

Is the Rhodes aquarium any different from other aquariums?

I've been browsing a bunch of websites before my trip to Rhodes and some of them are suggesting that I visit the aquarium. Is this aquarium special or any different? I don't really want to waste my time visiting an aquarium that's the same as the one I can go to in my own city. Thanks


What are the best spots to check out the Italian architecture in Rhodes?

I was told that there is so much Italian influence in Rhodes! Where exactly can I see the influence? Are there any sites I can visit?

Where are the best places to experience the history of Rhodes?

I've only been to the Palace of the Grandmaster (picture below) but I'd like to see way more of the history on my second trip :) what are some other historical spots?



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