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Every year my family and I visit a different island, but this next trip I want to find a kid friendly place. Nice beaches with calm waters, kid friendly tavernas, maybe a water park, good playgrounds and other activities. Any suggestions?
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i think Syros and Naxos are kid friendly places...
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Naxos for sure! There are so many beautiful and calm beaches to spend endless days on, from shallow to deep depending on what your looking for! Family friendly resorts and hotels are plentiful and there are some cool activities we did such as a mosaic art workshop, snorkeling tour and even a half day fishing trip where the kids got to pull in nets and the captain grilled up some fresh calamari and fish for us right on the boat. Planning on going again!
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Krete is wonderful too, it's a large island with so much to do! Amazing beaches like Elafonisi Beach and Falasarna and tours of local farms and villages! My kids got to help hear goats :)

There is also some great history there especially for mythology lovers. We took the family to Psychro cave and the kids loved hearing the Story of Zeus' birth and how they hid him from his father, Cronus, who ate all his children for fear of losing power. They still talk about it!


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Crete for sure! It's a huge island so it's not as stuffy and full of tourists. I find that the hotels are also a bit bigger, so there's more space for the kids' stuff. Good luck!
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Stratos Morfis

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For my opinion Naxos is the best island. We known for wonderful beaches, nice and cheap food and fresh summer nights and days

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Crete is indeed an amazing place for families, especially when you want to combine beach fun with history: a visit to Knossos and archaeology tour just for kids, a wonderful aquarium, botanical gardens with duck ponds, paddling in lakes and of course endless sandy beaches with shallow warm waters like Elafonissi.

Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Greece

I know that there are some major destinations that are worth visiting in Greece, but there are also some great places that are off the beaten track. I would love to visit them soon. I made a small list, but I also want suggestions:
  • Kea
  • Ithaka
  • Tinos
  • Patmos (but I do know some cruses stop here)
  • Naxos
  • Kythnos
What do you guys think?

What other places are near Delphi?

It is likely I will be spending time in Delphi this year - I want to see the site of the Oracle. Athens is my starting point and I was thinking, what else is there in the Delphi area, or within driving distance? I have seen very little of mainland Greece. Also on that trip I want to visit Marathon and Olympia - does it make sense? Delphi is a must-see for this time, but I could let the other two places go if I need to.

Is this a weird itinerary?

I am going to be in Greece about a month this summer and I keep changing my mind about what I will be doing while in the country. This is my itinerary and I am trying to figure out if I can pull it off without things being stressful. Every single thing on the list exists because I have people to visit. Santorini is on the list because of a wedding... I want to try to do all of it but I am not sure about the Santorini piece of it... but since it is a wedding I think I should just make it work.

Anyway, the destinations are: Athens (I have A LOT of people to visit, I will need like two total weeks here), Corinth (one person to visit), Kythira (no one to visit, I just want to go), Santorini (the wedding).

Is this too disjointed? Appreciate your thoughts.

Great Neighborhoods to Visit in Athens?

I know that Athens is a big city, and I tend to do the same things all the time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love what I end up doing in the city. Here is where I visit:

  • Plaka - it's touristy, but I love it
  • Monastiraki - I really love the flea market!
  • Syntagma - I like to hang around at the square and poke around
  • Kifisia - I love shopping!
I know there is a ton to do. I want to branch out!
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