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I was recently gifted an oregano plant and it's been growing great and I've been able to cut off a few leaves. I use the fresh oregano in my cooking, but I would also like to dry the oregano and package it so I can use it later on. What is the process of creating the dried oregano that we see in the supermarket? Does anyone have any tips? I don't really have a green thumb myself.


Clip the oregano while it is still on the stalks - cut off the tops only, and keeping doing this periodically - maybe once a week. Cut maybe an inch off the top of the plant. Take the clippings and place them in a clean, paper lunch bag (the small ones) and seal it. Once dried, you can remove from the bag and store it (with the leaves still on the stalks), in a large, amber-amber colored jar. Store away from heat and light. It is best to leave oregano on the stalks until ready to cook. Then, remove from the stalks and use as usual in your recipe.

Greek sourdough starter?

I am sure I am not alone here, but I didn't always realize that Greeks do sometimes use sourdough starter to make bread.

I had a type of bread last time I was in Greece that was beyond phenomenal and I asked how they made it. They took me back in the kitchen t show me the starter.

Okay, so now I want to learn to bake bread like that. Does anyone have any tips?

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

Do Greeks take breakfast seriously? I heard from some friends that many Greeks do eat brunch, but that seems more like a once in a while thing. What do Greeks eat for breakfast on a regular basis? I have observed all kinds of things, from nothing to maybe a tiro pita or something bought on the street, washed down with a Greek coffee. Also, I have seen people eat fruit and nothing else for breakfast.

Greek clay pot cooking tips

I have been reading about some traditional recipes that involve clay pots. I noticed that this is fairly common throughout Greece, but it isn't common necessarily with the Greek diaspora in places like United States, Canada, and Australia. What happened when the people moved to those places? Did they adapt the recipes or keeping using these methods and I just don't realize it? My family must have adapted because no one uses clay pots anymore.

I am trying to figure out how to get started with this cooking method while not in Greece. I am honestly not even sure where to start.

What is in season in Greece now?

I am trying to understand Greek cooking on a different level than what I do now. Whenever looking up recipes, that is all it is to me - a recipe. I know that in Greece, there is a notion of seasonality that somehow gets lost when I read a cookbook.

So, it is approaching mid-May. The weather here is really starting to get good. In Greece, I am sure it is also lovely, but the growing seasons are different than what I experience.

What is in season now in Greece? I want to figure out how foods are prepared throughout the year in Greece, I think it will help me understand seasonality in general.
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