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Hey everyone, I heard a really spooky story about how snakes gather at the foot of the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia every year on August 15th (the day of the Virgin Mary). Does anyone know anything about this? I'd love to hear the story and superstition behind it.
Small grey snakes (with tounges in the shape of a cross) appear every year around the time of August 15th at the church, especially around the icon of the Panagia. People wait for the appearance of the snakes because they mean it's good luck. I'd love to visit and see them one year, so cool!
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There have only been two times that the snakes haven't appeared at the church: right before World War II and before a major earthquake in Kefalonia....soooo spooky.


That is crazy spooky! I also heard a similar story about Tinos for August 15? Anyone else know about the Tinos story?


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The story is that pirates arrived to the island and went to the village of Markopoulo where there is a nunnery in 1705. The nuns prayed to the Virgin Mary for protection and the virgin turned them into snakes. These snakes have a small cross on their forehead and their tongue is in the shape of a cross. The snakes appear only on the Feast of the Virgin Mary Aug 15 th and then they disappear the rest of the year.
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Learn about Saint Gerasimus, the patron saint of Kefalonia

This video shows church services straight from Kefalonia on the saints day of Saint Gerasimus who is the patron saint of Kefalonia. Regions in Greece will have what is called a patron saint, who is said to protect and watch over the island. As you will see in the video, everyone from the surrounding area and villages will gather for this very important celebration and ceremony, it is truly a delight to see!

Check out Agia Efimia, Kefalonia

Agia Efimia is a small village on the coast of Kefalonia with amazing beaches and restaurants and hotels. One of the most highly rated restaurants in the village is To Steki, which means "the hangout." The food is so fresh and I highly recommend that you visit after spending some time at the beach :)

Single travellers

I am arriving in Argostoli at the end of May. I am a single traveller, dont drive, quite elderly! Anyone have suggestions re trips/excursions? (Am a seasoned visitor to the island).

Have you seen drogarati cave in Kefalonia?

Drogarati cave is the kid that has existed for centuries, but was discovered only 300 years ago and is open for tourists!! You may find this cave a little bit spooky, or absolutely beautiful. It has many stalegtites and stalelmites that cover the cave. The cave was even used during World War II if you can believe it. Take a guided tour, where someone will explain to you the history of the cave and the uses during the war. Here are some links for more info

The island of Kefalonia just published brand new tourism videos!

These official videos have just come out and they're stunning. There's a few different ones, this one focuses on food and gastronomy but there are others such as Destinations, Nature etc. The quality of these videos is so amazing and I am sure that it is going to attract very many tourists. I am even considering visiting the island myself even though I never had it on my list. I am so excited to see what else they come out with!

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