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Hey everyone, I heard a really spooky story about how snakes gather at the foot of the Virgin Mary Church in Kefalonia every year on August 15th (the day of the Virgin Mary). Does anyone know anything about this? I'd love to hear the story and superstition behind it.
Small grey snakes (with tounges in the shape of a cross) appear every year around the time of August 15th at the church, especially around the icon of the Panagia. People wait for the appearance of the snakes because they mean it's good luck. I'd love to visit and see them one year, so cool!
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There have only been two times that the snakes haven't appeared at the church: right before World War II and before a major earthquake in Kefalonia....soooo spooky.


That is crazy spooky! I also heard a similar story about Tinos for August 15? Anyone else know about the Tinos story?


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The story is that pirates arrived to the island and went to the village of Markopoulo where there is a nunnery in 1705. The nuns prayed to the Virgin Mary for protection and the virgin turned them into snakes. These snakes have a small cross on their forehead and their tongue is in the shape of a cross. The snakes appear only on the Feast of the Virgin Mary Aug 15 th and then they disappear the rest of the year.
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Visit Foivos winery which is the oldest winery in Greece

According to their website, this winery is either the oldest or one of the oldest wineries in Greece. It is a continuation of the Mantzavino Winery and has now been renamed. They have many different varieties of wine, including red wine, white wine, and rosés. Their website has an excellent list of all of their wines, with a detailed description including where the wines come from and possible food pairings with the wines. Here is their website https://www.domainefoivos.com/en

Have you ever been to the Castle of Assos in Kefalonia?

The Castle of Assos is an old Venetian fortress that has been left over from the Italian occupation of the island. Today, it is a beautiful pile of ruins that tourists can visit and learn about the history of Greece. You can hire a guy to take you around the different parts and explain the history, but I don't really recommend them as most of the information is available online if you're willing to do your own research. Please let me know if you've ever been! I would love to learn about what you thought of the castle.

Have you tried Mandola? Its Kefalonias most famous sweet

Mandola is a very popular sweet in Kefalonia and it is one of the biggest exports from the island. This treat is made of almond, honey, sugar and egg whites. The dessert has a few different variations, but is usually gluten free! The ingredients are very simple which is why they are so allergen friendly. I was doing some research and apparently these cookies are originally from the Venetian occupation in Kefalonia.

Weather in October in kefelonia

Hi there would like to visit during the uk half term from 21st October but could you tell me what the weather is usually like and if the bars and restaurants are still open at this time of year. Thank you

Beautiful live music in Kefalonia

This is not an abnormal site to see in Greece, just a group of friends enjoying themselves and sharing their talents with others. Bravo to these men on the beautiful island of Kefalonia!

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