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Please post your favourite Greek songs! I'm trying to listen to more and more international music, and I would love to hear some recommendations. My personal favourite is To Tango Tis Nefelis.

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Okay, I will get started! 🇬🇷🇬🇷

My all time favorite Greek song is Roza:


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There are too many to name.. some of the traditional songs I like:
  1. Άσπρο τριαντάφυλλο κρατώ (I'm holding a white rose)
  2. Στης Πάργας τον ανήφορο (uphill in Pargas)
  3. Βασιλικός θα γίνω (I will become basil)
  4. Σήμερα λάμπει ο ουρανός (the sky is shining)
  5. Βρέχει φωτιά στη στράτα μου (it's raining fire on my path)
  6. Βραδιάζει (it's getting dark)
  7. Θα κάνω ό,τι μου αρέσει (I'll do whatever pleases me)
  8. Anything by Mitropanos
  9. Δραπετσώνα (Drapetsona)
  10. Καίγομαι και σιγολιώνω (I'm burning and melting)
  11. Αύγουστος (August)
  12. Κανείς εδώ δεν τραγουδά (No one here is singing)
Some modern songs:
  1. Μια νύχτα κόλαση - argiros (a night of hell)
  2. Σ'αγαπώ - Vertis (I love you)
  3. Τι να το κάνω - argiros (what should I do with that)
  4. Όσα νιώθω - argiros (everything i feel)
  5. Άγρια θάλασσα - sampanis (wild sea)
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I love Margarites by Angela Dimitriou. A classic!



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This is probably my favorite! It's so majestic

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My favorites change all the time, but currently it's this one:


Greek Ships Christmas Tradition?

I have heard of the tradition of decorating boats in Greece for Christmas. I think it's called karakavi? Does anyone know anything more about it? This isn't a tradition my family adopted but I have heard of friends doing it. I am thinking of adding it to our holiday celebrations this year.

From what I can tell, people who don't have an actual boat decorate models of boats. At first, I thought based on pics I had seen of Greece in the past, that boat owners were just being festive. lol

Learning about Greek Orthodoxy - resources?

I am on an active process to learn more about Greek Orthodoxy - it has been my project for the past year. I am having a hard time tracking down resources. Does anyone have an y books to recommend?

I have read so far:

Thinking Orthodox - Eugenia Constantinou

Orthodox Study Bible

Welcome to the Orthodox Church - Frederica Matthews Green


How Do Greeks Celebrate Ohi Day?

I looked up Ohi Day resentful because I learned it was occurring soon. I find the history so interesting! I know that Greeks have the day off. I am wondering how Greeks typically celebrate it? The events surrounding the day seemed to represent Greece's ability to stand up for what was right and to resist the Axis forces. It was the right thing to do to not let the Axis enter Greece easily so that they can have a strategic place for their troops.

To celebrate this important part of history today, though, what do the Greeks do today?

Finding a Wedding Planner in Greece?

I decided to do a destination wedding in Greece. I mentioned in an earlier thread that I am not an Orthodox Christian but have decided on the Athens area because I think there are some great photo opportunities all over the city and it is a bit more accessible. Anyway, I know I need help getting everything organized. How does one go about finding a wedding planner in Greece who can help?

Ohi Day is Coming Up - How Do People Celebrate?

I am trying to learn about the Greek culture. Many of you may have seen my posts lately about phyllo...I realize that I want to know more than just the food! I looked on the calendar and it seems that Ohi Day is coming up - how do people usually celebrate? From what I gather, people in Greece who are in the workface get this day off? Besides that, how do people spend the day?
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