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Skordalia is a traditional Greek dip that is usually eaten with other foods (its too garlicky and strong to be eaten alone like melitzanosalata). It's made with mashed up garlic and blended with potato or bread. I've had it a couple times at restaurants, but I usually don't see people eating it at home. I want to try out a recipe because it's super simple and adds a lot of flavor. What should I pair it with? What is it traditionally paired with in Greece? And are there any more modern combinations that you've tried out and liked?


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I think it goes well with fish. My parents used to grill fish and make skordalia to go with it. Not sure if it's commonly done that way in Greek cuisine.


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I sometimes eat it with paidakia or any grilled meat, its really preference but I would say any grilled meat/seafood would work


I love to eat it with the following:

- Seafood (it's a great condiment for fish)
- Served as a dip and I love it with breadsticks
- To me, it goes great with pork
- It's delicious as a part of the plate - works really well next to Horta!

I personally like the creamier versions of skordalia - these are typically made with bread. The mashed potato version doesn't really serve as well as a dip.

What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

Personally, I have to say baklava or kaïmaki. For those of you that haven’t tried kaïmaki, I highly recommend it. It’s a traditional Greek ice cream made from masticha. You can find it at most Greek grocery stores and ice cream stores. What is your favorite Greek ice cream flavor?

G is not only for Greece but Gastronomy— and gourmands:

Its grilling season!

I’m so excited! This is the first day that I’ve been able to get outside and start grilling. I made some chicken, pork chops, and beef tenderloin seasoned with lemon and oregano. Is anyone else grilling this summer? 😎


Is it easy to eat gluten free in Greece?

My husband has a gluten allergy and it’s been pretty difficult traveling and eating gluten free. There have been many cases where people tell us that something is gluten free and it’s actually not, and he ends up having an allergic reaction. Is anyone gluten free and has traveled around Greece? How difficult was it and can you share a bit about your experience?

Soft and tender Greek lamb shank

I love making this tender lamb shank anytime I have a special occasion. While you can cook lamb shake in many different ways, I like to go sit in the oven just until the outside gets a nice darker color and some of the fat renders off. Of course, you should always serve this with either rice or potatos.

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