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I'm a sucker for a good travel vlog. Let me know what you think of these recommendations

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Lindos is so cool. This video captures it nicely! The vlogger gave a nice overview of the place...

Where is the best place for young couples in Rhodes?

My cousin is wondering where she can go with her boyfriend. Does anyone have advice on romantic spots?

Is it easy to find parking in Rhodes Town?

I would love to rent a car while in Greece because I like exploring the outskirts of islands and having my own freedom. But I wonder if its worth bringing the car on the ferry because I hate spending my sweet vacation time looking for parking and driving around in circles. Is parking a nightmare?

Visit the Lindos Acropolis in Rhodes (Greeces second best Acropolis)!

Many people don't know that there is more than on acropolis!! This one is Rhodes has historical roots from the Ancient Greeks, Byzantines, Knights of Saint John, Turkish, and more. Some parts of the archaeological site are from as early as 300 B.C. when it was an important Doric temple. Now, it is one of the most famous archaeological sites on the island!!


Hike Mount Profitis Ilias in Rhodes :)

This is the third highest mountain in Rhodes and one of the best places to hike on the island

Naturism on Rhodes

There is just one official naturist beach & that is in Faliraki.At the right hand end of Tsambika beach is a small naturist section.With care its possible so swim & sunbathe naked on other beaches.. I for example use the right hand end of the beach @ the Coralli Taverna.
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