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I’m a pretty big fan of movies about ancient Greece, especially any with spartan warriors. Does anyone know what Spartan life was really like? I'm no expert here but I'd love to know if it lives up to the Hollywood ideals.

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All I have to say is "THIS IS SPARTA" LOL!! :)



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The focus and discipline and the warrior mentality is definitely true. The Spartans were a warrior breed, and that was the main thing on their mind. They were pretty ruthless and I don't think Hollywood had to hold back when showing what life was like.


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There was a lot of death that’s for sure. And I don't think it was any easier to witness it just because there was so much of it. You don’t really get used to those types of things. I would have to assume that people were very traumatized by everything that was going on. There's no way that people can live happily and peacefully in such a ruthless society.

Since when did Greece have kingdoms?

I've had a lot of free time recently and I've been researching the history of modern Greece. I had absolutely no idea that Greece had monarchs and kingdoms. Does anyone have a little bit more info about what was going on at the time? And what caused this?

What is the history of philotimo?

It's crazy to think that something I've come to value so much about modern Greek people is actually from the ancient Greeks. Does anyone know where, when or from whom the concept of philotimo emerged in Ancient Greece?

What are the biggest influences of the Byzantine empire in Greece?

I'm not a historian but I'm super curious about what impact the Byzantine empire has had on Greece's culture and overall history.

Did the "siesta" or Greek mid day nap originate from Ancient Greece?

Does anyone know about the origins of the famous mid day nap that Greeks take?

Apparently there was a pandemic in ancient Athens!

While I was doing some research about the pandemic I realize that they were actually way more common than I had thought. Little did I know that one of my favorite historical periods, ancient Greece, how to play they killed some really famous historical figures. How come no one told me this? Did any of you know about this???


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