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What is your favorite day trip from Thessaloniki? I’m thinking of getting a time share in Greece to travel every summer, so that my kids and I can have a place to go without worrying about hotels and resorts every year. I love this spot in Thessaloniki, but I want to see what cool places I can go for day trips…any advice?

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What about visiting Meteora, that should be a good day trip? What does everyone else think?

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I agree!! My favorite day trips from Thessaloniki have to be Kavala and Meteora. If you only have one day to spare, I highly recommend Meteora. It’s stunning but a bit tiring. Make sure you go on a cooler day, because walking up the steps to go to the top is exhausting.


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https://www.perek.gr/en/restaurant : There is a restaurant outside of the Thessaloniki that is beautifully authentic and serves Pontic style pita. You can spend a few hours here with or without kids. The restaurant accommodates large tables so if you come here with extended family you will not feel cramped. There is indoor and outdoor dining, as well as beautiful gardens and kids' playground section with sand. The drive out there and the views around the restaurant are breathtaking. KTIMA PEREK : the stone restaurant


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AFYTOS, village in Halkidiki. It's on the first leg facing the second leg. It's about an hour from the city. The village is full of Macedonian style stone houses and stone paved village streets. There are many restaurants that serve beachgoers and souvenir shops so, while the village itself is small, you can easily make this a full day trip. Spend a few hours at the beach then go up to the village to eat and stroll around. Tourists and visitors visit the historic church in the center of the village and a small museum. Be sure to check for hours, because we went hoping to get in, and they were closed. There is a summer arts festival there as well, that brings in crowds, so be sure to check before heading out as it may make parking difficult. We parked on side streets and went during the week, so crowds were very sparse.


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My son and I went to Mount Olympus three summers ago and it was so cool. It’s a great day trip, and you get to be active and learn about ancient Greek culture. My son was pretending he was Zeus the whole time LOL. Although this is more for the outdoorsy types.

What makes food and drink so special in Thessaloniki restaurants ?

What is the best place to get a hotel in Thessaloniki?

I am thinking of visiting Thessaloniki this summer to visit a few friends and learn more about the history of the city...I am wondering where would be the best place to stay? What is the niehgborhood that is most central and next to the most activities? What would you recommend?

Allatini Villa is a baroque piece of Greek history in Thessaloniki

Allatini Villa definitely sticks out when you look at the rest of the buildings in Thessaloniki. This building is in the baroque architecture style and was built by an Italian architect names Vitaliano Poselli for a wealthy family who wanted a vacation home. Throughout the years, the building has been transformed for many different purposes. This video does a quick overview, and shows you the building from the outside but does not provide much detail. If anyone has more info, I would love to know.

What are the best day trips from Thessaloniki?

I’ve been wanting to visit Thessaloniki for a while now, but of course I can’t visit a city without hitting the beach right after! Are there any good day trips from the island that people recommend?

Fantastic exhibition happening at the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture

This exhibition is titled "Philhellenisms, 1780-1860" and covers this crucial time period in Greek history during the Byzantine empire. The exhibition will showcase many different mediums of art including important texts from the time. The president of Greece will be attending to open up the exhibition, just showing how important and beautiful it will be to showcasing Greek history. I will be excited to visit soon!

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