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I've only been to the Palace of the Grandmaster (picture below) but I'd like to see way more of the history on my second trip :) what are some other historical spots?



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Filerimos monastery is amazing! The monastery itself is located near the lively village called Ialyssos. Filerimos Monastery was first built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery is well known for once housing the famous religious icon, the Virgin of Filerimos.


I would honestly look into taking a guided tour to get an overview of the history once you arrive at the island. From there, you can decide which sites you might want to give more attention too. The history of the Knights of Saint John is a big part of the island, but there is also an ancient history too. I wouldn't miss the agora at Lindos, as well as all the historical buildings related to the Knights.

The city of Rhodes is about to have some major changes

I am very happy to see that Greece is investing in preserving its architecture and mediaeval cities. Rhodes has so much beauty, that I would hate to see it go away overtime because of environmental or other damages and erosion. Their plan is to create three main sectors of the city which will be the monumental, residential, and commercial areas. I'm very curious to see how this project will turn out and how the funds will be allocated. Have you heard anything about this?

We had snow last night on Rhodes

Most of the island had the snow.Even on coastal areas like faliraki & afandou. The 1st time in 35 years

Palace of Grand Masters being converted

work to start soon to convert it into cafe / restaurant .

If you love history, Rhodes should be your next destination!

When many people think of travelling to Greece for history, they may think of Athens or Crete… but I'm here to tell you that Rhodes is one of the best places to visit if you love history. The island is full of mediaeval history and has some of the most beautiful and old mediaeval architecture in all of Greece. Some of the best places to explore this history are Ancient Kamiros, Palace of the Grand Master, and the archeological museum of Rhodes.

Seven Springs in Rhodes is a great place for couples!

This is one of the most beautiful natural places on the island of Rhodes. In English, it's called Seven Springs, but in Greek it's called Epta Piges. These are natural springs that are open to the public. It is a particularly romantic place and great for couples, especially those on honeymoons. The springs are located in the woods, and have amazing scenery. It's the perfect place for a picnic and to spend the afternoon. I highly recommend that everyone visit!
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