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One of my favorite things about traveling is going around and trying all of the street food. I especially love eating gyros because they're so tasty and so cheap! Can anyone recommend the best area to get street gyros or street food in Athens? What is the best neighborhood to go to and are there any specific vendors that you recommend? Thanks so much, I really appreciate any advice :)


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I'm not sure, because I would never go to one. They're all dirty.

If I go out to eat, I eat in Sepolia at a restaurant called Rodi (Ρόδι) or at Ya Souvlaki in Bournazi.. Rodi is where I go when I don't feel like walking too far from my house, and Ya Souvlaki if I don't mind walking an extra 5-10 minutes... These areas are not in toursity areas, so the prices aren't outrageous. Here is the menu from Ya Souvlaki. Honestly, most places pretty much taste the same, so you can go anywhere you want.


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A good old cheap souvlaki! I remember when they were 1.50 but hey, I'll still take it


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A good old cheap souvlaki! I remember when they were 1.50 but hey, I'll still take it
Yes, and kalamakia were about €0.50 each, or less in some cases.
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In Greece, you don't really have to eat street food in the street. From what I have noticed, there aren't many street vendors as you would see in New York City or other parts of the world. Gyro, which is the most popular street food is usually sold in smaller stores that offer seating. Greeks don't really like to eat on the go, that seems to be more of a western thing.


My street food experiences in Athens have been delicious! The street corn in summer, running into a bakery to buy tiropites, souvlaki, a gyro.... it's just that even their "fast" street food seems deliberate, and most people pause to eat and enjoy it, rather than eat it in the go. It seems to me that street food exists, but people stop to eat it, so the hurried feeling that usually surrounds street food in other countries simply isn't there. In the case of the tiropites, how many times have I bought one with a Greek coffee, and then sat at a small table outside the shop to enjoy it before moving on? Too many to count haha... These are just my observations, everyone's experiences are different.

Is this link helpful about where to go? I have no set ideas on where to go... most of my street food moments in Greece have happened by accident.

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Where can I watch live bouzouki music in Athens?

What are some great spots to listen to traditional Greek music in downtown Athens? I love bouzouki especially, and would love to see some talented musicians performing it live. Have any of you been to any rebetathika or restaurants with live music that would have some performances to listen to? Thanks everyone!

Youve never seen Athens like this before

Athens is the most stunning city in the world. Never has there been a city that blends Ancient ruins and modern architecture so beautifully. This drone only captures parts of how beautiful this city is. If you're visiting Athens, I recommend that you take your time and explore all parts of the city, both ancient ruins and modern nightlife. Some of the must see places are the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum of course, and having a coffee at the museum cafe where you will have an excellent view of the acropolis.

What time of the year is the best to visit Athens?

According to the forum, many people recommend that I don’t visit Athens during August, because many of the locals have gone on vacation and the city is pretty empty. That being said… when is the best time to visit? I am definitely interested in seeing the acropolis and the museums, but I am wondering when the best time of year is to see the city life.

Best Ice cream in Athens!❤️❤️😋😋

Cape Sounion is a beautiful destination near Athens

Cape Sounion is a beach that is south of Athens, known for its beautiful hotels and luxury restaurants. I've attended so many weddings in the area, as it is one of the most popular destinations for families that live in the Athens or mainland area. One of the best parts of the area is that you can catch a great view of the Temple of Poseidon, here is what it looks like:
Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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