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In which area of Santorini do they have ATV rentals? Are you able to drive ATVs throughout the whole island? Any general tips on renting would be super helpful! Thanks

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Here are a few sources if places to rent atvs in Santorini:

Hope it helps and share your photos of riding an atvs if you find one while in Santorini :)

Eco tourism is a huge need in Santorini

I would love to see some more eco tourism in Santorini! If anyone has any advice on more sustainable tourism places to go to on the island please let me know

Santorini tips for first timers

I loved Cape Columbo in Santorini Greece

I can't say enough about how much I loved visiting cape columbo! I love unorganized beaches because im so sick of the music they play at these beaches, I want some peace and quiet! And the water is super warm which is great for the off season. Have any of you been? What did you think?

What scuba diving is like in Santorini

This is a sneak peek into what you can see while scuba diving in Santorini

I heard there are not many taxis in Santorini...what do I do?

How do you get around other than taxi?? Please help!!
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