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Where is the best place to put them? I’ve seen them basically everywhere but I want to know if there is someplace that’s “better” for good luck traditionally

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Here is a list of places that I can think of that we have a Greek evil eye "mati" for good luck:

- On my necklace next to my Greek orthodox cross.
- At the front door of my house.
- On a keychain in my car.

These are few places that I can think of! 🇬🇷

image1-6-e1566512244373-720x960 (5).jpeg


It doesn't matter where they go - it is personal preference. :) For me, these are a symbol of the Greek Culture and I have a necklace and bracelet that I wear regularly.

Celebrating People

I have learned that Greeks, especially those in Greece, celebrate their name day. I want to be better at celebrating people's name days!

While birthdays are celebrated annually on a specific date, Greek Name Days (also known as Onomastiki Eorti) are celebrated on the feast day of the saint with whom the name is associated. For example, if your name is Sophia, your Name Day would be celebrated on September 17th, the day of the Saint Sophia. These Name Days are celebrated with family and friends, who offer their best wishes and gifts to the honored individual. Celebrations can range from simple gatherings to elaborate parties, and many families take these traditions quite seriously.

How do you play Tavli?

Is Tavli the same as backgammon? Do you know how I would learn to play?

I don't have anyone I can think of who knows. Maybe an online game? If you have any resources you can recommend, I appreciate it.

Looking for Greek Christmas music

I have been looking for Greek Christmas music I can play when I have people over. I found some videos - do you guys have anything you can recommend?

I am having a lot of people over for different things, and thought it would be fun to add Greek music in the mix.

Here is what I found:

Tips for decorating "to kravati"

I am participating in this tradition soon and am so excited - it will be my first time.

I have no idea what I am doing - what types of things should I do or bring?

Some ideas:

- Flowers
- Money
- Fun items on a theme (I don't know what this means, but someone told me)
- Good luck items

I am not part of the family, just participating.
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