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It's called Psychro cave. When I went, we were staying in Heraklion and told the taxi driver we wanted to go. I don't recall it being too far. I think this is your best approach to finding it.
It's called Psychro cave. When I went, we were staying in Heraklion and told the taxi driver we wanted to go. I don't recall it being too far. I think this is your best approach to finding it.
Oh! Thanks - I didn't know it's real name. I found it.

Lagoons of Crete?

I'm planning a trip to Crete and I'm absolutely captivated by the idea of visiting its stunning lagoons. From what I've gathered, these natural wonders are not only a feast for the eyes but also offer unique experiences in terms of swimming, snorkeling, and just soaking in the breathtaking views.

I've heard about the famous Elafonissi and Balos lagoons, but I'm curious if there are other lesser-known lagoons on the island that are worth exploring. Additionally, I'm interested in any tips or advice on the best times to visit, how to get there, what to expect, or any other suggestions that could help make my visit as enjoyable as possible.

Also, if anyone has recommendations on where to stay nearby these lagoons or any local eateries to try out, that would be fantastic! I'm eager to experience Crete not just as a tourist, but through the eyes of those who know it best.

Spending time at Rethymno Old Town on Crete question

I'm planning a trip to Crete and have been captivated by what I've heard about Rethymno's old town. From its charming cobblestone streets to its rich history and beautiful architecture, it sounds like a place I wouldn't want to miss. However, I'd love to hear from people who've actually spent time there.

What do you recommend? What has been your experiences?

I'm all for immersing myself in the local culture, so any tips on cultural experiences or events would also be greatly appreciated.

Video Walk Through of Heraklion Archaeological Museum

I am very fascinated by Greek history, particularly form the Minoan Civilization.

I would very much love to visit Crete so that I can learn more and see where it all happened.

I found this video of a museum I would love to visit. You don't need to have the sound turned on, it's really about the images and all you'll hear is background noise. But, I still found it pretty interesting.

Hiking advice for Crete?

I want to hike while I am on Crete but I need advice. I have never hiked in Greece before. Any advice is appreciated! Some things on my mind:

  • Best Trails: I was thinking Samaria gorge and maybe one other during my stay. Ay advice?
  • Preparation Tips: What should I pack or prepare for these hikes? Considering the terrain and weather conditions, are there specific items (beyond the basic hiking gear) that are must-haves for Crete? What kinds of shows? How much water?
  • Local Guides or Groups: Do you recommend hiking with a local guide or joining a group for certain trails? If so, how can I find reputable guides or groups
Thanks in advance!

Seeing the Samaria Gorge without Hiking?

Is it possible to see the Samaria Gorge without doing the long hike?

I will be in Crete over the summer. I heard the hike is long. 11 miles, most of it downhill or flat. I just don't think I am up for it. Downhill climbing hurts my knee too much.

I have a friend who goes to Crete a lot and made an off-hand comment that you don't need to hike, but she didn't know all the details.

Does anyone hear? She mentioned taking a ferry. I am having a hard time picturing it. I looked into tours and they all involve hiking.
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