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Are there any hidden spots I can hike to so I can catch a view like this?

My favourite place to watch the sunset isIMG_20200710_181609_571.jpg the lighthouse at akrotiri .Its more quite and tranquil than any other spot in Santorini.


Oia is known for having the best sunset in Santorini but it isn't hidden. During peak tourist season the village fills up with people anticipating sunset. However, you can find spots in Oia that aren't as busy. For example, if you are staying in a villa overlooking the water, you might be able to have a spectacular view without leaving your outdoor patio! It's worth it to take the extra step of booking a sunset-facing room so that you don't need to go very far to see a nice sunset.


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As said above, Oia is the most famous location for the sunset. However, since you are on a island, you can catch the famous sunset from various locations, just facing west. You can also book one of the several sunset cruises that are organised during summer (April to November) and most of them set anchor below Oia to admire the sunset avoiding crowds.


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You might like to take an evening yacht trip to the hot springs then you can watch the sunset from the yacht as you have dinner.

Best local Santorini cuisine

Santorini has some of the best cuisine to try! Some of my recommendations are...
-santorini fava
-chlorotyiri cheese
-white eggplant
-santorini wine of course!!

How can I get to the volcano hot springs from Oia, Santorini?

Does anyone know what is the easiest way to do this? It's always been my dream to visit a volcanic hot spring! Thanks

Visiting Emporio Village, Santorinis largest village

Emporio village is only about 12 kilometers from Fira and it is incredibly close to the village of Perissa. I would recommend hiring a taxi or taking public transportation to get to the village.


What are the best water sports to do in Santorini?

I know Santorini isn't known for water sports, but do you have any recommendations about where I can do water sports and which types are most popular on the island?

Renting a bike in Santorini is one of the best places to get around!

Biking is great because there are so many small and beautiful sidestreets and you can avoid the struggle of hailing cabs. Here are some places where you can rent:


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