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Athens has some great nightlife!! There are so many options to choose from, and it really depends on what you're looking for. My personal favourites are rooftop bars that overlook the Parthenon, you can find most of these in Thissio. But many local Athenians would say that these spots are very touristy and not as fun Exarchia and Gazi for example. If you're interested in going to bars that are by the beach, but still pretty close to the city I recommend Gylfada. Psiri it's also a very trendy neighbourhood that is popular amongst the locals! Try them out and let me know what you think!


Rooftop bars are definitely a favorite of mine in Athens. Besides Thissio, Exarchia, and Gazi, does anyone know any others? For the next time I am in Athens?
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Petroupoli, peristeri, Bournazi...


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Thisseio is pretty touristy but the views are great, so I like to go from time to time.
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Rooftop bars are definitely a favorite of mine in Athens. Besides Thissio, Exarchia, and Gazi, does anyone know any others? For the next time I am in Athens?
Check Monastiraki square. Rooftop bars of "360 Degrees" and "A for Athens" are my favorites.
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I can make some suggestions in Exarcheia because I know that area better.

For a while my favourite cocktail bar was Revolt Street Bar on Koletti but more recently I have been going to the bar next door called Sepia. The owner is a little bit more down to earth and the cocktails are STRONG!

A little bit further up on Emmanouil Benaki street, between Andrea Metaxa and Arachovis are a number of bistro bars where you can get raki, rakoumelo and all the other Greek spirits. I have been known to get paralytic at Tzeremes on the odd occassion!

Valtetsiou also has quite a few more up market bistro bars that are open earlier in the day and are great to relax at, read a book, do some writing and watch the world go by. Chartes is a popular one and I do frequent that from time to time.

There are lots of other bars that are even more popular but Exarcheia is all about walking around and discovering as many local bars are not even on social media.
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These are all some great suggestions, thank you so much! I love the idea of walking around Exarcheia and checking out the other suggestions, as well. Thanks again for your input.
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Researching the Temple of Poseidon

I am going to visit Greece soon to take some photos and enjoy the country in general (I am a photographer). One of the stops I plan to make is to the Temple of Poseidon and I was told to go at sunset. What do you guys think of that advice?

Anyway, ahead of the trip, I thought I would research the place a bit.... Does anyone have anything to add?

Great Athens Restaurants for Dining

I love the restaurants in Athens - they're just so amazing. The chefs in the city do a great job giving a variety of foods from Greek cuisine, from the old to the new. I found this link with a nice list of nine restaurants that I plan to try. What do you guys thing? Have you been to any of these?

Good Beaches to Visit Near Athens?

I am trying to plan a girl's trip to Greece and am fleeing out the details. We'd be flying in from the United States on the East Coast, as I am from Baltimore. So, it seems that we need to fly into Athens. Although Athens isn't planned to be our full vacation - we plan to head to one of the islands - I am thinking we should spend a few days in the city. That being said, we'd do all the usuals - see the historical sites like the Parthenon and all that. I was thinking we might want some beach time when we are in Athens to get us started. I heard there are some beaches nearby? Are any of them worth spending time at? We are looking for a beach with a bit of a scene - like an outdoor beach but maybe a nightclub nearby?

Has anyone here seen a performance in Epidavros?

I am so fascinated by Ancient Greek history and from what I understand, some of the ancient theaters are still intact and performances are being held there. I've been research Epidavros and noticed that they hold performances there in the summer. Has anyone been? What was it like?

I've seen footage online of people marveling at the amazing acoustics, and I want to experience this for myself.

Athens Full of Tourists’ as Greece Extends Tourism Season !

Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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