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I am interested in seeing performances this summer in some of the Ancient Greek theaters. I know that Epidavros has performances and I do plan to go. Are there any other theaters that hold them? I am especially interested in seeing some of the Ancient Greek plays that are still being performed.

I know I can easily look online, but I am also interested in any personal experiences you would like to share about the theaters, plays you've seen, etc. Thanks!


The only theater I can think of is Epidauros that might have performances. Hopefully someone can chime in with more information! I have never personally seen one of these performances live, but I have watched some on TV. I have no recollection as to where they were filmed, though.

What to do in Kythira?

I am trying to find some interesting places in Greece to visit. I see that Kythira is close to the Peloponnese, and I am intrigued and might want to visit. I am trying to figure out some things to do there so I can determine how long to stay. Here are some possibilities, but please chime in with suggestions:

* Visit some of the galleries on the island. I heard there are a lot of artists here?
* Go to the beach - I hear there are some gorgeous beaches.
* Would love to visit museums, archaeological sites, that kind of thing. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Best Greek Destinations from Athens by Ferry?

Once I arrive in Athens, I won't want to take a flight again until it is time to leave Greece. But, I would love to travel around.

What are the best places to visit in Greece from Athens (Piraeus) but Ferry? I know there are some day trips from Athens (Hydra, Aegina, Kea) but what about some other places? Also, did I miss any other day trips?

I mean, more like islands to visit. I know I can always drive around when I am on the mainland.

Help Navigating Trip to Mykonos

I can't shake that I want to go to Mykonos soon, but I am nervous because I've heard mixed things about the island. What attracts me to the island is the party scene - but a lot of what goes with the party scene turns me off. I don't know if any of you have advice on how to navigate it. I want to enjoy the parties, but I want to also be able to avoid them here and there to sightsee, relax, etc. So I want a balance. If this isn't the place for that kind of balance, I am open to suggestions.

Culinary Traveling in Greece

I thought I would visit Greece this year with the sole purpose of trying different regional cuisines. Any ideas? Here is what I have so far:

- I want to experience some Modern Greek food and from what I understand, there are some great finds in Athens. I don't know quite where they are (recommendations appreciated), but I thought I would start with the street food!

- Crete and Ikaria - both are known for their unique and healthy diets.

- I know just about every island and region has their own charm - I only have a few weeks so I want to select the best of the best. Thanks!
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